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Tracking specific elements/events
Tracking specific elements/events

When using Google Tag Manager or other analytics plugins, specific elements are trackable for conversion monitoring.

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The following element IDs are available for tracking:

  • Eventive--orderDiscountEntry--discountField: the text field for entering a discount code, appears after customer clicks "Have a discount code?".

  • Eventive--orderDiscountEntry--discountApplied: appears after a discount has been applied successfully.

  • Eventive--orderSummary--orderSuccess: appears after an order has been placed successfully.

  • Eventive--orderSummary--passDetailsSubmitted : appears during pass orders after all pass details / supplementary data have been entered.

Google Tag Manager setup

In Google Tag Manager, you can track events related to these elements by following these steps. The element will become visible & the trigger will fire when the event occurs.

  1. Create a new trigger.

  2. For trigger type, select "Element Visibility".

  3. Ensure selection method is set to "ID".

  4. In the Element ID field, copy and paste the desired element ID from the above list (ensuring you match capitalization & spelling exactly).

  5. For when to fire this trigger, select "Once per element".

  6. Ensure that "Observe DOM changes" is checked.

  7. Save your trigger & you're good to go!

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