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Introduction to Eventive Everywhere
Introduction to Eventive Everywhere

Use buttons, widgets, checkout pop-ups and the embedded virtual player to create a seamless audience experience for your festival website.

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For when our simple embeds aren't enough, Eventive Everywhere provides a deeper level of integration into your existing website.

With Order Tickets buttons, embedded Eventive Virtual player, login widgets, and more, your audience can access elements of your Eventive site without ever leaving your organization's own website!

Order Tickets button

The Order Tickets button looks and behaves just like the Order Tickets button on an Eventive native site, and launches a modal dialog for customers to complete checkout when clicked.

Customers never have to leave your site to complete the transaction!

When customers have already ordered tickets, the button updates to reflect this. And if customers have passes, their passes will automatically be recognized and they'll be given the option to use their passes, right there in the dropdown.

Buy Passes Button

Eventive Everywhere can also be used to embed your pass sale buttons. Using the Pass Bucket code you can specify which pass you would like to sell when a customer clicks a Buy Passes Button.

Login widget

The Login widget is a simple text & link combo that either says "Log in to your account" or "Logged in as xyz. Log out" based on the current user's authentication status. It is completely unstyled, making it ready to be integrated into your site's design.

Tip: Most integrations include the login widget in the upper righthand corner of the page, so users know at a glance if they're logged in or not.

Custom checkout dialog

If you have your own "Order Tickets" button HTML, you can wrap it in the Eventive Everywhere snippet and when customers click the button, an Eventive checkout modal will appear.

Note: Does not allow customers to use passes. For pass functionality, see "Order Tickets Button" above.

Embedded Eventive Virtual Player

You can seamlessly embed a DRM-protected media player to play Video On Demand (VOD) content directly into your website. The same code that is used to embed an Order Tickets button, when used for a virtual screening, will transform into a virtual-enabled Unlock Now, Preorder Now and Watch Now button. Once the content is available, your audience can click the “Watch Now” button to view their content right there, all without leaving your website. When watch now is clicked, the player will open and expand to fill the entire browser window. To use the Eventive Everywhere Embedded Virtual Player on your website, an Eventive Virtual activation is required.

Note: The embedded virtual player is for VOD screenings only. Livestream and VOD + Livestream screening types are currently not supported by the embedded virtual player.

For pre-orders, the “watch-now” button in the confirmation email will lead to the Eventive Virtual screening page.

And more!

More Eventive Everywhere widgets and buttons are coming soon! Let us know what you'd like to see next by adding a note on our Feature Request page.

Are you ready to Get Started with Eventive Everywhere? We can show you where to find the code and how to configure it!

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