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Eventive Virtual custom integration API guide
Eventive Virtual custom integration API guide

Useful workflows for interacting programmatically with Eventive Virtual.

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You can use the Eventive API to read, create, and update content in Eventive Virtual. You will need to include an x-api-key header to authenticate your requests; you can acquire an API key from your API keys page.

Fetching virtual screenings and films

You can retrieve virtual screenings and films for an event bucket. You can filter the list of virtual screenings/films returned using a variety of parameters.

Get Catalog

Query for all the Catalog content as displayed on


Sample response:

"title":"Featured Demo",
"name":"Eventive Virtual Demo",
"short_description":"Join Eventive co-founder Iddo Patt for a live demo of the Eventive Virtual Festival platform with interactive Q & A. "
"start_time": (if coming_soon provided),

Get Screening Details

Query for all details about a particular screening ID.


Note: We recommend performing this request on the client-side, to reduce the amount of content you have to cache on your end. Performing these requests client-side will also allow you to dynamically inject customer-specific data, for example the number of tickets they have purchased to a particular showing, as shown in the example below. Learn more about our client-side API wrapper.

Sample response:

"ticket_buckets": [
"id": "5ed90eb18ccbeb00a10ca847",
"name": "General Admission",
"price": 0,
"unlimited": true,
"quantity_sold": 36,
"quantity_scanned": 0,
"quantity_remaining": 9007199254740991,
"public": true,
"exclude_capacity": false,
"lock_admin_only": false,
"variable_price": false,
"variable_price_minimum": 0,
"variants": [],
"applicable_pass_buckets": [],
"pass_adjusted": {}
"person": {
"id": "55f0ba5261b42f030013cda9",
"email": "",
"do_not_email": false,
"ticket_count": 2,
"available_ticket": {
"id": "5f0f7157bb67840029ee1904",
"unlocked_until": "2021-07-15T21:12:55.597Z",
"expires_at": "2021-07-15T21:13:01.608Z"
"available_ticket_livestream": { "id": "5f0f7157bb67840029ee1904" },
"has_more_passes": false,
"total_passes_available": 0,
"credits_available": null,
"passes": []
"standalone_ticket_sales_enabled": true,
"name": "Setting Up Unlock and Watch Windows",
"description": "This is my description.",
"watch_interval": 31536000000,
"unlock_interval": 31536000000,
"visibility": "visible",
"geographic_restrictions": [],
"geographic_exclusions": [],
"image": "",
"display_ad": null,
"allow_preorder": false,
"virtual_balloting_enabled": false,
"virtual_balloting_closed": false,
"virtual_balloting_inline_during_playback": false,
"checkout_options": { "fee": 0, "tax_percent": 0 },
"films": [
"id": "5ed90e30313a990069083be1",
"name": "Setting Up Unlock and Watch Windows",
"sort_key": "Setting Up Unlock and Watch Windows",
"short_description": "Learn how Watch and Unlock Windows Function and How to Set Them",
"image": "",
"credits": {},
"details": {},
"captions_available": false,
"type": "vod"
"show_mailing_list_opt_in": false,
"mailing_list_opt_in_message": "Yes, please add me to your mailing list.",
"sales_disabled_unless_coupon": false
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