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Eventive Single Film: Create Tickets for Virtual Screenings
Eventive Single Film: Create Tickets for Virtual Screenings

Eventive Virtual - Single Film // Use ticket buckets to manage ticket inventory for your virtual screenings

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The last step when creating a virtual screening is adding a ticket bucket!

Ticket buckets represent tickets available for sale at your event. If an event does not have a ticket bucket, your audience will not be able to order tickets through Eventive. You must create a ticket bucket to a screening even if it is private or no cost to attend.

Create a ticket bucket

  1. Navigate to the virtual screening's edit page

  2. Scroll down to Ticket Buckets

  3. Click Add New Ticket Bucket

If you'd like to copy ticket bucket settings from another screening in this event bucket, click Clone From Another Event. This is a great way for organizers with complicated ticket bucket configurations to easily replicate them across multiple events within an event bucket!

Add multiple ticket buckets to sell different types of tickets -- for example Student tickets, Senior tickets, etc!

Ticket Bucket Settings

Name: "Virtual Admission" by default, but you can customize it.

Price: The list price for the ticket. You can use discounts to customize the ultimate prices that customers are charged.

Quantity: Leave blank to allow unlimited tickets to be sold, or you can enter a maximum quantity to sell.

Public for customer orders: Enabled by default. If you disable this option, customers will not be able to purchase, pre-order, or unlock a ticket to this screening from your website. When disabled, tickets can only be issued through the Box Office.

Restrict maximum quantity of tickets per customer: This limits the number of tickets that can be ordered per account.

Enable pay-what-you-can virtual unlocks: Select this to enable sliding scale ticket prices. You will specify a minimum price per unlock. Learn more about pay-what-you-can tickets.

Sell additional variant of this ticket bucket: This enables you to sell tickets from the same overall quantity at different price points -- such as student or senior tickets. You can add as many variants as you like and they will be available for online checkout and in the Box Office.

Variants are best for tickets of the same type. For ticket types that provide additional benefits (ie. VIP tickets), we recommend creating a separate ticket bucket by clicking "Add New Ticket Bucket."

Custom rush line ticket price: Please disregard this setting and leave it unchecked, as this applies only to physical events.

Auto-issue companion ticket to another event: Enable this setting to specify which event audience members who buy a ticket to this event will also get a ticket for. Great for double features or movie & party combos. You can sell tickets to each event separately and also offer a combined ticketing option.

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