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How to Use Pre- and Post-Roll
How to Use Pre- and Post-Roll

Upload content to play before and/or after your virtual screenings.

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Pre-roll and post-roll is content that will play before (pre-roll) or after (post-roll) a virtual screening.

Like a film trailer or festival sizzle reel, pre- and post-roll content is not listed in your virtual screening or virtual catalog. It exists separately from your film catalog, and will play automatically when your audience unlocks and presses play on a virtual screening containing video content.

NOTE: Pre-roll and post-roll will not play on Livestream Only virtual screenings.

To upload pre- and post-roll to play automatically for all virtual screenings in your event:

  1. In the menu on the left hand side of your dashboard, click "Settings" in your current event bucket to access your Event Bucket Settings page.

  2. Click “Open Eventive Virtual Settings" on your Event Bucket's Settings page.

  3. Scroll down to “Default pre-roll and post-roll content,” and add your content by clicking the blue Add Virtual Content buttons.

3. Click the blue buttons to upload pre-roll and post-roll content. Specs are the same as for all ingested content - 1920x1080 h.264 @10Mbps, max file size 10GB.

4. Add as many individual pieces of pre- or post-roll as you like, in the sequence you'd like them to play.

Content uploaded here will apply to ALL virtual screenings in your event bucket.

To upload pre- and post-roll to a specific virtual screening:

  1. Click Virtual Screenings on your left side menu.

  2. Click "Edit" next to the virtual screening you'd like to add pre- or post-roll to.

  3. Scroll down to this:

NOTE: If you leave the box checked next to "Use default event bucket setting" under Pre- and/or Post-roll virtual content, the virtual pre- or post-roll content you uploaded in Additional Settings will apply to this virtual screening.

5. Uncheck the "Use default event bucket setting" box(es) and you will see the option to upload custom pre- and post-roll:

6. Click the blue "Add Virtual Content" button and you can upload pre- and post-roll that will play ONLY for this virtual screening.

NOTE: If you want a virtual screening to play both the pre-/post-roll uploaded in Additional Settings as well as screening-specific pre-/post-roll, you'll need to upload both pieces of content on the virtual screening's edit page.

Reorder pre-roll or post-roll content

Pre-roll and post-roll can now be reordered! Just click on the arrows to move them into the desired play order.

Your default pre-roll and post-roll assets can be reordered in Eventive Virtual Settings, as can custom pre- and post-roll added to individual Virtual Screenings.

You can now preview your uploaded pre- and post-roll within the screening editor, too!



Do I have to upload new custom pre-roll for each screening?

No, if you have previously uploaded a pre-roll, you can select it from "previously uploaded content" when creating a custom pre-roll run of show.

How long can pre- and post-roll content be?

There is no length limit, though we encourage you to keep it brief. Think of pre- and post-roll like the trailers you see at a movie theater before a film or film festival screening.

Will I be charged an ingest fee for uploading my pre- and post-roll content?

If your pre- and/or post-roll content is shorter than 3 minutes long, you will not incur an ingest fee, nor will the upload count against your allotment of short film ingests. This applies to individual pieces of content. For example, if you upload multiple files of pre-roll content and together they add up to more than 3 minutes but each individual piece is shorter than 3 minutes long, an ingest fee will not apply and the uploads will not count against your short film ingest limit. A piece of pre-roll/post-roll over 3 minutes in length will cause a DRM unlock fee regardless of the content it's paired with -- ie. if the screening is external content or a basic livestream (which are screenings that normally wouldn't incur DRM fees), and you use pre-roll/post-roll over 3 minutes, that screening will now incur a DRM unlock fee.

Can my audience choose to not watch pre- or post-roll?

Technically, yes. Your audience can simply stop the virtual screening when they want, which would halt the post-roll from playing. Pre-roll will play when your audience clicks play on a virtual screening. While they can't stop it from playing, they can fast forward through it.

What if I want my pre- and/or post-roll to appear on the virtual screening's listing?

If you want your pre- and/or post-roll content to display on the right hand side of your virtual screening page as though it's a film, you'll skip all of the steps above and upload the content as if it's a film and add it to the virtual screening(s) of your choosing.

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