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Use Admin Preview to preview and test virtual screenings and simulate the viewer experience without incurring a DRM unlock fee.

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After you've created your VOD virtual screenings "just so," you can use Admin Preview Mode to simulate playback exactly as your audience will experience it - without unlocking a real ticket and therefore not incurring a DRM unlock fee.

There are two ways to access Admin Preview Mode:

To Admin Preview all the screenings in your Virtual Catalog:

Select your event bucket, then click "Virtual Catalog" and select "View as admin preview"

To Admin Preview an individual virtual screening:

Click "View" next to the virtual screening, then click "View Live" and select "View as admin preview"

Admin Preview even works on virtual screenings with visibility settings set to "Hidden from Public"

You will then be taken to your watch site, where a red banner will appear on top of the page, indicating that you are in Admin Preview Mode:

When in Admin Preview mode, normal restrictions like availability windows or geo-restrictions do not apply. Simply click "Watch now" on any screening page to begin watching immediately.

Admin Preview sessions are securely restricted and will automatically expire after a short period of time or if any anomalous behavior is detected, such as IP address changes. If your session has expired, return to the Dashboard to begin a new session.

NOTE: You cannot Admin Preview a Real-Time Broadcast screening. If you wish to preview a Real-Time Broadcast screening, duplicate the screening, change it to standard VOD mode (not RTB), change the visibility to "hidden" and then preview the content.

All usage is monitored. Abuse of the admin preview functionality for any purpose other than quality assurance is cause for termination of your Eventive account.

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