Eventive Dashboard SSO gives your organization administrators back office access to the Eventive Dashboard to manage events, issue tickets, view analytics, and more!

Single Sign-On is also available for your end-user customers, to integrate with your existing authentication or ticketing systems. For more information on that separate feature, please contact us!

Eventive Dashboard SSO means your admin team no longer needs to remember separate logins to admin.eventive.org. Rather, they can use familiar credentials -- for example: Microsoft/Azure AD, Google Workspace, custom SAML providers -- and login with a single click!

You can optionally enforce multi-factor authentication via your existing provider, resulting in much stronger security guarantees around user access. Additionally, your existing access revocation and de-provisioning flows can now automatically affect your Eventive account as well.

Cost Options:

$499.00 // Billing: Monthly

$5499.00 // Billing: Annually (8% discount compared to monthly billing)

To activate Eventive Dashboard SSO, please contact us using the message icon in the lower righthand corner of the page or email sales@eventive.org.


Once Eventive Dashboard SSO has been enabled, there are several customization options available to any organization administrator via the Manage Organization page under the "Single Sign-On (SSO)" section:

  • SSO Domain: Set by your Account Manager. Contact us to modify this once it has been set.

  • Upon login, create a new Eventive Dashboard account if one doesn't exist: If enabled, new @yourcompany.com users who login via SSO will automatically have an Eventive Dashboard account created.

  • Only allow authentication using SSO (block username/password auth): When enabled, traditional password-based login will be BLOCKED for all users in your organization. If a user tries to login using a password, they will be required to login via SSO instead.

Supported Identity Providers

  • Active Directory / LDAP

  • ADFS

  • Azure Active Directory Native

  • Google Workspace

  • OpenID Connect

  • PingFederate

  • SAML

  • Azure Active Directory

  • And more!

If you have further questions or would like to confirm that your authentication system is supported, please email sales@eventive.org!

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