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Tips & Tricks: Trial Account Best Practices
Tips & Tricks: Trial Account Best Practices

Here are a few ways to best utilize your new Eventive Virtual Trial Account - and how to activate!

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Trial accounts are a great way to get a look around, test the system, and make sure that Eventive Virtual is right for you and your organization’s needs.

Below are some common questions, as well as things to keep in mind while in trial mode.

Can I upload content to see how the system works?

Yes! You can upload trailers, pre-and post-roll, and short videos to see how films and screenings are built in the system. While in trial mode for Eventive Virtual, please limit any content uploads to under 3 minutes. Any uploaded content over 3 minutes long will incur ingestion costs of $5 per short film (3-30 minutes) or $25 per feature film (30+ minutes).

Can I run a test livestream?

Yes! You are welcome to test livestreams. In order to convey that it is a test, please clearly label the livestream as a test by naming the event "TEST Livestream."

This will help us know that it is for test purposes, and will not bill for usage. Please remember to click “Stop Streaming” when your test is complete. If the test is not turned off, it could incur usage charges. Learn more about running livestreams here.

Are there any restrictions on my account in trial mode?

Only the “Example Event Bucket” is enabled for Eventive Virtual. If you create any new event buckets before activating, they will not have virtual capabilities such as uploading content, creating virtual screenings, and more.

Once you activate your account, all additional event buckets will be automatically virtually enabled.

Does my work in trial mode remain after I activate?

Yes! All work done in trial mode will still be there once you activate Eventive Virtual.

Are there any time limits on my trial?

No, your trial account is available for as long as you need.

Can I host virtual screenings in trial mode?

No, your account must be activated to host virtual screenings.

How do I activate my trial account?

When you are ready to activate your account, you will click "Activate Eventive Virtual" in your Organizer Dashboard - under "Manage Organization" - to finish the activation process. This will cover your use of the platform for a full year.

​Lastly, a member of our Organizer Success Team will reach out to schedule an Onboarding Meeting. They will help you get set up and answer any other questions you might have.

What resources are available to me while I am in trial mode?

You have full access to our Eventive Help Center, which is searchable by keywords, and you can find video resources here, including a full Eventive demo. You may be interested in reading the Eventive Virtual for Organizers FAQ here.

Once in your account, you can use the message box in the bottom right-hand corner to search our Help Center for articles, or if you are unable to find the answer to your questions, you can send a message to our team.

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