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Cancel or Postpone an Event
Cancel or Postpone an Event

How to cancel or postpone a screening or event, even after you've begun selling tickets.

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Plans change - don't sweat it! Read our tips on how to edit a screening in the event that you need to cancel or postpone it.

If you need to cancel a screening and you've already begun selling or issuing tickets:

Rename the screening CANCELED and end ticket sales by unselecting "Public for online customer orders" on that screening's ticket bucket(s).

If the screening is virtual, remove all films from the virtual screening so that there is no virtual content tied to the screening.

There is no need to destroy the uploaded film asset from your Creator Hub in the event of a canceled virtual screening! Simply remove all films from the canceled virtual screening, and then there will be no virtual content associated with that screening!

Worried about people who have tickets to a now-canceled virtual screening? Have no fear! If there is no film added to a virtual screening, there is nothing to watch!

If you need to cancel a screening and you HAVE NOT begun selling or issuing tickets yet:

Either delete the screening or simply change the visibility to "Hidden from Public."

Please note that we do NOT recommend deleting a screening if you've already begun selling tickets, as accounts associated with deleted tickets will be removed from your dashboard.

To postpone or reschedule a screening or event:

Rename the screening "POSTPONED: Movie Title (original date: xx/xx/21)"

If the event is virtual, change the screening's availability window to reflect the new date(s) of the screening.

If tickets have already been issued for a virtual screening and you need to change its availability window, the unlock and watch windows for any existing tickets will not change. Please send us a list of any unwatched tickets that need to have unlock or watch windows extended through the new availability window, and we will do that for you on the backend.

If the event is in-person, change the physical event start and end dates/times.

Alternatively, simply change the visibility of the virtual screening or physical event to "Hidden from public," and make a new virtual screening or physical event with your new availability window or start and end dates/times.

If you need to postpone a physical event, and you've already begun scanning tickets:

Use the Eventive Box Office app for iPad to un-scan any scanned tickets. If you don't have the Box Office app and need to un-scan any scanned physical event tickets, send us a message and we can do so for you on the backend.

If you've already scanned tickets for a canceled physical event, no action needs to be taken. Un-scanning is only necessary for an event in which those tickets will be used at a later date, such as a postponed event.

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