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Ingest and transcode virtual content using the Eventive API
Ingest and transcode virtual content using the Eventive API

You can upload virtual content assets to Eventive using the Eventive API.

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If you have a collection of assets that you wish to ingest into Eventive, you can use the Eventive API to seamlessly bulk upload and transcode them.

Ingesting a new asset into the Eventive platform

For each asset that you wish to ingest, POST the JSON payload below to the Eventive API. Note that ams_drm_enabled=true and asset_pathway="ev_next" must both be specified in order to use the API-driven DRM + forensic watermark ingestion pathway.

If you wish to connect the virtual content asset to a particular Film on Eventive, you can specify a _films array on the POST body in order to automatically connect the asset to the film. If instead you are uploading the asset as preroll/postroll, simply do not specify a _films key.


"label": "MyVirtualAsset.mp4",
"type": "vod",
"ams_drm_enabled": true,
"asset_pathway": "ev_next",
"source_upload_url": "",
"_films": ["603954afa7d76e00375c0061"]

You will receive a JSON payload in response that includes an id key which refers to the asset. To check on transcoding progress, you can GET the virtual content. When status becomes "ready" the asset is fully available on the Eventive platform.


"status": "vod_transcode_started" | "vod_transcode_failure" | "vod_publish_failure" | "ready",
"status_percent": 50,

Happy streaming!

Managing pre- and post-roll content

You can easily view your ingested content at a glance in a graphical interface via your Creator Hub, or by querying for a list of all your virtual content using the API with an HTTP GET request.


Ingested assets can be deleted from the Eventive platform by performing an HTTP DELETE request.


Deletions are permanent and irrevocable, and can NOT be restored from backup. Re-uploads will incur an additional ingest fee.

Adding timed text content (captions, subtitles, etc.)

You can easily add one or more timed text tracks to virtual content in the Eventive platform. Timed tracks are uploaded using the Eventive Files API, and can then be connected to one or more virtual content assets.

Step 1: Uploading a timed text file (SRT or VTT)

First, POST the file to the Eventive Files endpoint using a multipart/form-data request. Simply append the file to your POST request.

Content-Type: multipart/form-data

This will return a JSON payload upon success:

"date": Date,
"url": String

Step 2: Attaching the timed text to a virtual content asset

Now that you have a url successfully returned from your previous request, you can POST an update to the virtual content asset of your choice to add one or more timed text tracks.


"caption_tracks": [
"title": "English",
"url": "url-from-previous-request"
"title": "English (SDH)",
"url": "another-url-from-previous-request"

And voila!

Ingest 4K UHD content into the Eventive Platform

NOTE: This feature incurs additional costs. Please contact your Eventive Account Representative to confirm pricing before utilizing this feature. Unauthorized ingests will be billed at US$299/asset.

You can ingest 4K UHD content into Eventive by using the ev_next_beta pathway. With our Beta pathway, bitrates up to 50 Mbps are supported, and there is a maximum source asset size of 50 GB. To create a 4K UHD beta ingest, simply follow the steps for a normal ingest, but replace ev_next with ev_next_beta to force the 4K UHD pathway to be applied to the asset.

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