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Information For Revenue Share Recipients
Information For Revenue Share Recipients

Receive revenue and donation payouts with full transparency and minimal effort.

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Eventive Revenue Sharing creates a smooth pathway for organizers to send net revenue and donations to their partners, even if they’re not currently on Eventive themselves.

Benefits of using Eventive Revenue Sharing include quick, consistent payouts and easy access to view revenue earned per screening.

Eventive Revenue Sharing is currently only available for organizations based in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and Australia.

The process begins when the host organization sends the revenue share recipient an invitation email to accept a share of revenue from a particular screening. The email will come from and the subject will be [ACTION REQUIRED] Participate in revenue sharing for "Screening Title."

The email will contain information regarding the net percentage you’ll receive from the screening, payout frequency via Stripe Express, and a button to accept the invite in order to get set up.

Ticket sales for the screening will be disabled until each revenue share recipient accepts the invitation, creates an Eventive Admin account (or logs in with an existing Eventive Admin account), and connects their bank.

After all revenue share recipients enter bank details into the Stripe Express portal, tickets for the screening will become available for sale.

Once tickets begin selling, revenue share recipients will be able to review the percentage splits and expected revenue payouts for each screening in the Revenue Sharing tab of their Eventive Admin dashboard.

Proceeds will be deposited directly into the revenue share recipient’s bank account on a monthly basis.

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