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Memberships & Year-Round Programming
Introduction to Memberships & Year-round Programming
Introduction to Memberships & Year-round Programming

Learn how Eventive is perfect for your year-round organization needs.

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Once a customer buys tickets or passes to one of your events, their information is automatically and securely saved for future one-click purchases across all your event buckets, and trackable from your Eventive Dashboard.

Benefits of using Eventive for your organization's year-round memberships include:

  • Never having to ask for a credit card a second time

  • Never making customers try to remember a second password

  • Easy, one-click ordering using a familiar system

By removing all friction from ticketing, you shift the focus to enjoying your events, not struggling through different software with different workflows.

Using Eventive Year-round

Eventive offers unlimited event buckets for free, so it's easy to create a new event bucket for your year-round programming! Start adding events immediately, both ticketed and non-ticketed.

Create Memberships on Eventive

Eventive is perfect for memberships. Use Pass Buckets to create recurring pass types, such as annual or monthly memberships that renew automatically!

TIP: Create your Membership passes in their own "Memberships" event bucket, then add global pass rules to the passes in order to apply Membership pass benefits across multiple event buckets. Learn more here.

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