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Introduction to People
Introduction to People

Keep tabs on your audience, from their first ticket purchase five years ago to their scheduled events for next week – all in one place.

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As soon as a customer places a free or paid order in your event bucket, a new record is created in the People section of your dashboard! You can view, edit, and access these People records for communications and analysis.

Search for Specific People

One of the easiest ways to find a specific person's People record is by using the global search box located at the top of your admin dashboard. Start typing the person's name or email address and their People record will appear.

Person Pages

Every customer has their own Person page, accessed by searching their name in the global search box (see above) or by clicking View next to their name in the list of People (see below).

The Person page shows the customer's name, email address, payment method, supplementary data (if collected on a pass or physical ticket purchase), list of event buckets from which they've placed orders, and a list of all orders, tickets, and passes associated with their account.

View a List of All People

Easily view a list of all People, either for a specific event bucket or across all of your event buckets.

See a list of all People in one event bucket

  1. Navigate to the event bucket

  2. Click People in the lefthand navigation menu

See a list of all People in one event bucket

  1. Scroll down to the Global section of the lefthand navigation menu

  2. Click All customers

Export Lists of People

Export all People records as a .CSV file simply by clicking Download .CSV on either the event bucket specific People list or the global All Customers list pages. This export contains names, email addresses, and payment methods.

If you're looking to export passholder information including supplementary data, navigate to Pass Buckets --> View --> More --> Download Passes (.CSV).

If you're looking to export detailed order information, generate the All Orders Report.

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