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Getting Started: Next Steps
Getting Started: Next Steps

You've read our Getting Started Guide. Now take the next steps for optimizing and customizing your event!

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Eventive is filled with features to make your event experience the best it can be, for both you and your audience members!

Here are a few common next steps to take:

Add Your Team

Eventive supports adding unlimited team members to manage your events, with variable permission levels. Learn how to add them.

Explore the Help Center and Demo Videos

We've are constantly expanding and improving upon our 200+ articles describing common workflows.

Please explore the hundreds of help articles written for you and be sure to check out catalog of videos in our video library and on YouTube.

Join the Eventive Festivals Facebook Group

Connect with fellow festival and event organizers using Eventive in the Eventive Festivals Facebook group. Please note, this group is unofficial and was not created by Eventive. We monitor it occasionally, but it is not a replacement for using our Help Center or messaging us directly.

Install Analytics and Tracking Scripts

Don't miss any data about your site visitors! Learn how to install Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other tracking scripts right here.

Still Have Questions?

Our team is available to answer questions you may have. Just send us a message using the messenger in the lower righthand corner of the page or email us at

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