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Use the Eventive pass label printer to generate & print beautiful, highly customizable labels for your passes.

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Eventive makes it easy to print labels for your passes using the pass label printer. Print QR codes, passholder names, and more!

Launch the pass label printer

  1. Navigate to your event bucket

  2. Click Pass buckets, and then select Pass label printer

Configure Pass Labels

After opening the Pass Label Printer page, select the pass buckets you'd like to print labels for under "Pass buckets to print."

Click Show next to "[Pass Bucket Name] label configuration" to customize the contents of the labels for each pass bucket.

Click Add Row to print any supplementary data you've added to a pass bucket. You can also add a row of custom text -- for example, to print "Special Guest" at the bottom of some passes.

Each row will only print one field. If you select multiple fields for a single row, the first field that is not empty for each pass will be printed. This allows you to have a single row that contains both "School" and "Organization," and only the supplementary data field that the passholder filled in will print, for example.

If the pass bucket has an "Image" supplementary data field type, an additional Image to print field will become available. Use this to include customer-uploaded photos, such as headshots, on passes.

All the settings you choose here are automatically saved for future printing sessions.

Customize Label Setup

Customize the printed label format in the "Label setup" section.

  • Label type: Choose to generate single labels ("individual"), sheets of labels ("sheet"), or print directly on passes ("individual padded").

  • Label size: If you selected "individual" labels, enter the width and height of the label stock you're printing onto.

  • Sheet format: If you selected "sheet" labels, select the format of the sheet you're printing onto.

  • Page and label size: If you selected "individual padded" labels, enter the page size, page margin, and label size.

These settings are automatically saved for future printing sessions.

Note: The pass label printer currently has templates for the following Avery sheet labels:

  • Avery 5160: 1” x 2-5/8” (30 per sheet)

  • Avery 5360: 1-1/2” x 2-13/16” (21 per sheet)

  • Avery 5390: 2-1/4” x 3-1/3” (8 per sheet)

  • Avery 5395 2-1/3” x 3-3/8” (8 per sheet)

  • Avery 5161: 1” x 4” (20 per sheet)

  • Avery 5162: 1-1/3" x 4" (14 per sheet)

  • Avery 5163: 2" x 4" (10 per sheet)

  • Avery 94220: 1" x 2" (24 per sheet)

Either print all passes by selecting All Time, or print only those passes updated within a specified period of time by selecting Time interval.

A pass is considered "updated" whenever any of its supplementary data changes. So if you or a passholder edits the data on a pass, a new pass will be queued for printing.


Once you're ready, click Print passes and a printable PDF will instantly generate.

After you've configured your labels, you can easily print labels on the fly from any Person or Order page simply by clicking Print next to the pass!

*NOTE: If you are sending passes to a print shop and having the Pass ID printed, the shop will be able to generate a QR code from that alphanumerical number when you download passes.

If the QR codes on the printed badges look different than the Eventive printed ones, you can verify they work by going to:


Having trouble getting your generated PDF to line up properly with your label paper? Try these tips:

  • Ensure that your print settings are set to print at actual, 100% size and that all margins are disabled

  • Ensure that you've fed the paper into the printer squarely. Even a slight error in alignment can quickly multiply into a significant offset in the final labels.

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