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Reserved Seating FAQ

Learn more about reserved seating and seat maps on Eventive.

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What is the experience like for customers?

Customers click Order tickets as usual, and then they are presented with an intuitive seat picker where they can easily select their desired seats.
After selecting their desired seats, customers click Continue and their selected tickets are automatically held for up to 6 minutes, during which time they can login, enter their payment details, and complete the transaction.

If you have enabled dynamic social distancing rules (learn more here), the seat map will change as your audience adds tickets to their order. For example, the seat map below has a social distancing rule of a maximum group size of 6, so once this user added the 6th ticket to their order, all seats close to the selection became unavailable for purchase (designated by grey seats in the image below).

Do reserved seats work for Box Office orders?

Yes! When issuing a ticket for an event with reserved seating in the box office, the option to Choose seats will appear. Seats can be selected, and inventory will be instantly synced across the web and admin interface.

Can I re-assign or change seat assignments after tickets have been issued?

Yes! Easily change assigned seats by clicking the check box next to the ticket you'd like to edit, then clicking the "Bulk Actions" button. From the bulk actions drop down menu, select "Change # seats". # represents the number of seats you have selected. You can do this from an event's Tickets page (click View --> Tickets), an individual Person page, or an individual Order page.

Seat assignments can be changed in bulk, and each affected customer will receive their updated tickets via email. This is perfect for updating social distancing requirements, venue changes, accommodating special requests, and more.

What is "instant sync"?

Booked seats are instantly propagated across the Eventive system. If someone books a seat, it will instantly appear across the website as reserved and become non-selectable to other users. If a reserved seating ticket is exchanged, refunded, or deleted, that seat will instantly appear as available -- no refresh required!

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