For when our simple embeds aren't enough, Eventive Everywhere provides a deeper level of integration into your existing festival site. "Order Tickets" buttons, login widgets, and more turn your program dynamic—customers are automatically logged in (or can create accounts), order tickets, and more, all without every leaving your site.

You can enable Eventive Everywhere via the event bucket settings page under "Embed in your website", next to the "BETA" label.

Order Tickets button

The Order Tickets button looks and behaves the same as the Order Tickets button on a typical Eventive site, and launches a modal dialog for customers to complete checkout when clicked. Customers never have to leave your site to complete the transaction.

When customers have tickets, the button updates to reflect this, the same as on a regular Eventive site. And if customers have passes, their passes will automatically be recognized and they'll be given the option to use their passes, right there in the dropdown.

Login widget

The Login widget is a simple text & link combo that either says "Log in to your account" or "Logged in as xyz. Log out" based on the current user's authentication status. It is completely unstyled, making it ready to be integrated into your site's design.

Tip: Most integrations include the login widget in the upper righthand corner of the page, so users know at a glance if they're logged in or not.

More to come

More Eventive Everywhere widgets and buttons are coming soon! Let us know what you'd like to see next using the chatbox in the lower righthand corner. 

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