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Bulk Import People
Bulk Import People

Quickly auto-create customer accounts in bulk, perfect for migrating your existing customer base to Eventive.

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If you have customers stored in another CRM system, you may wish to migrate them to Eventive. Migrate customer information swiftly using Bulk Import People!

When you import customers - known as People in Eventive - every individual will receive an email with a custom message and instructions to activate their account.

How to Bulk Import People

  1. Select either People (located under a specific Event Bucket) or All Customers (located under Global) from the lefthand navigation menu of your admin dashboard.

  2. Click the Bulk Import People button.

  3. Select the Event Bucket into which you wish to import People.

  4. Click Download Template to download the import spreadsheet.

  5. Fill in all applicable customer data into the spreadsheet. The only required columns are Name and Email Address.

  6. Upload the completed spreadsheet by clicking the "Drop spreadsheet here, or click to select" space on the Bulk Import People page.

  7. Add an email subject line, email introduction message, and additional message to include in the email each customer will receive. For example, an explanation of the fact that you're switching to a new system.

  8. Click Preview Import to see a preview of all People that will be imported. If anything looks wrong, click Edit settings, adjust your settings, and then click Preview Import again.

  9. When you're satisfied, select Yes, I'm ready to import # people and send associated emails, click Start Import and the import will begin!

Account Activation Emails

Account activation emails will be sent immediately after all People are imported. The email will come from, though the sender name will display your event bucket name - and the email will look like this:

Once a customer clicks the Activate Your Account button, they will be prompted to create a password. Once complete, their Person page will appear in your event bucket dashboard!

Spreadsheet Fields

  • Name: Person's name (REQUIRED)

  • Email: Person's email address (REQUIRED)

  • Stripe customer ID: Enter the customer's Stripe ID, if applicable

  • Supplementary data images: A comma-separated list of image URLs that should be added to the customer's account. These images will then be available to the customer if they are prompted to add an image to a supplementary data pass field. For example, if customers have previously uploaded badge photos that you would like to migrate to Eventive.

  • Mailing Address: Enter the customer's mailing address, if applicable. This information will appear in the "Edit Details" section of the customer's Person page.

  • Phone Number: Enter the customer's phone number, if applicable. This information will appear in the "Edit Details" section of the customer's Person page.

  • Notes: The option to add a note to the customer's Person page. This information will appear in the "Notes" section of the customer's Person page.

Having Trouble?

If you're having any issues (formatting the spreadsheet, getting data to appear properly, etc.), please send us a message!

Quick troubleshooting tips

  • Have you made sure the header rows are not modified from the original template?

  • Have you made sure your spreadsheet does not contain any empty rows or blank lines?

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