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Create External Syncs
Create External Syncs

Use external syncs to automatically sync your Eventive data with external providers, like MailChimp and Eventival.

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External syncs automatically and securely sync your Eventive event bucket data with third-party services.

Create an external sync

  1. Navigate to your event bucket and click "External syncs" in the lefthand navigation

  2. Click "Create new external sync"

  3. Label your sync. Name the sync something intuitive that makes sense to you. If you are creating multiple syncs (ie. different mailing lists to target different audience segments), labelling your syncs will make them easy to find and distinguish from one another.

  4. Choose a provider and follow the guides below. You will first need to authenticate with the provider following on-screen instructions.

  5. Once you hit Save, your sync will be scheduled!


Our MailChimp integration allows you to keep an unlimited number of MailChimp lists in sync with Eventive customer records. You can sync lists with all event bucket attendees, or target only a particular segment -- for example, a special list for all VIP passholders, or a "Horror Film Lovers" list for anyone who attended a horror movie showing during your festival.

There are two types of MailChimp syncs:

Push Sync

With push sync, we automatically add all targeted Eventive customers to your MailChimp list, but never remove subscribers from the MailChimp list.

This means that subscribers added in other ways (like a sign-up form on your website) will remain untouched. It also means that members / recurring passholders whose passes expire will still remain on the list.

Active Sync

With active sync, we automatically add all targeted Eventive customers to your MailChimp list and actively remove non-matching subscribers from the MailChimp list.

Any subscribers on your list who do not match the specified Eventive target will be unsubscribed. This also means that members whose passes expire will be removed from the list.

Active sync is perfect for maintaining an always up-to-date list of current members only, automatically removing individuals if their memberships lapse.


Our Eventival integration allows you to easily import your Eventival database's films, screenings, events, and even passes directly into Eventive. We'll automatically copy records and keep them up-to-date, using Eventival as the source of truth. No more copy-and-pasting and no more tedious manual synchronization processes!


Currently, Eventival requires you to manually contact them to enable your Eventival sync. Please send an email to your Eventival account representative:

Subject: Eventive sync
Body of email: I would like to synchronize my Eventival database with Eventive. Please provide my account access credentials to the Eventive team.


Once your account has been enabled for Eventival sync, we'll send you a message. You can then select a project, edition, and the desired types of records to sync. 


How often are external syncs run?

Eventive automatically syncs with external services every four hours. Depending on how many syncs are pending in the queue, your sync may not run until a few minutes after the four hour mark. At any time, you can also "force sync" from the "Manage external sync" page to force an instant update.

How are customer records secured? 

All selected records are transmitted securely using industry-standard TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security protocols.

My sync does not seem to be working, is something wrong?

If you previously had a working sync that has stalled, try removing the sync and then re-adding it. This will not create duplicate syncs.

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