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Enable Pass Buckets Across Event Buckets with Global Pass Rules
Enable Pass Buckets Across Event Buckets with Global Pass Rules

Use Global Pass Rules to apply membership and pass bucket benefits across multiple event buckets.

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To create memberships and other pass types with benefits that apply to multiple event buckets, use Global Pass Rules to extend their reach.

1. After creating a pass and setting up its pass rules, open the Pass Rules page and scroll down to Global Rule under the Rule that you wish to make apply to other event buckets.

2. Select the box next to "Make this pass rule global (apply to other event buckets)."

3. In the "Target event buckets" dropdown, select the additional event bucket(s) in which you wish this pass bucket to work.

NOTE: A Global Pass Rule will not apply to the event bucket in which it was created unless that event bucket is selected in the "Target event buckets" dropdown list.

4. Click Save and select the Global Rule checkbox on all other Pass Rules in this Pass Bucket if you wish for each pass rule to apply to other event buckets.

When would I use Global Pass Rules?

To establish a membership program, for example, you could create an event bucket just for memberships. You would then create a pass bucket for each membership type in that Membership Event Bucket.

Say there is a membership type in which members receive 50% off a pass to Awesome Film Festival. You would create a 50% off passes pass rule in the membership pass bucket, enable Global Pass Rules, and select the Film Festival event bucket.

For example, it would look like this:

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