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Add Fees To Box Office Orders
Add Fees To Box Office Orders

Set a fixed fee to add to every ticket, pass, or item sold from your internal Box Office.

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You can add a fixed per-item Box Office service fee to all Box Office orders, whether the audience member is paying with credit card or cash.

This fee applies to all items over $3 and shown in the Box Office total before customer payment is collected.

Since the Eventive Box Office is able to accept cash payments, and credit card issuer agreements stipulate that customers pay the same price for cash and credit card transactions, we are not allowed to automatically pass fees on to customers the way it's done for online orders. 

Any "Pass fees onto customer" settings you have enabled in your Fee & Tax Settings do not apply to Box Office orders, so make sure you add a Box Office service fee if you'd like to net the same amount on regular online orders and Box Office orders.

Add a Box Office service fee:

Select "Open Additional Settings" on your Event Bucket dashboard.

Then select "Add box office per-item service fee," and enter the fee amount:

Click Save Changes, and now all paid orders placed in the Box Office will have this Box Office fee added per item over $3!

If you have multiple event buckets, you must set this fee for each individual event bucket!

Charge Sales Tax on Box Office orders:

Select "Open Fee & Tax Settings" on your Event Bucket dashboard, then select "Add Sales Tax."

Add the applicable sales tax percent, select whether you want to add tax to all orders or certain order types, then select "Charge sales tax at Box Office in addition to online."

Don't forget to click Save Changes!

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