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Record attendees using an external system
Record attendees using an external system

Use the Eventive API to plug your external attendee gate or entry management system directly into Eventive.

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Although Eventive offers a full selection of scanning and access control functionality built directly into the platform, the fact that the Eventive API is completely open means that you can also track attendees using external systems.

This article may be useful for you if you...

  • Are integrating with custom NFC technology

  • Have legacy gate management software preinstalled at your venue

  • Want to programmatically log attendance for "virtual" events (e.g. "online-only" conferences)

(Optional) Add external barcode endpoint

You can associate an external barcode (for example, a hardcoded NFC tag ID) with a customer's pass using the following API call, where <ID> is the pass ID in Eventive and <BARCODE> is the external barcode you'd like to connect with the pass.


  "external_barcode": "<BARCODE>",

"Scan ticket" endpoint

In Eventive, tracking attendance is represented by "scanning tickets". This endpoint accepts an event ID (the event you you would like to record attendance to) as well as as a "code" which can be either a ticket ID, a pass ID, or a pass "external barcode" (as per above). 


  "event": "<EVENT ID>",
  "code": "<CODE>",
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