Eventive Terminal

Eventive's most modern, secure, customer friendly point of sale (POS) option allows contactless and chip payments along with card swipes.

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Eventive Terminal is a countertop reader that connects to the Eventive Box Office via WiFi, allowing contactless and chip payments and card swipes.


Buy or Rent Eventive Terminal

If you would like to order Eventive Terminal, please visit our online shop!

The price to purchase Eventive Terminal is $300.

We also offer Eventive Terminal for rental at $50 per week each (plus shipping).

We require 4 weeks in advance of your event to prepare and ship your equipment. Rentals are subject to availability. If a request is less than 4 weeks in advance, there may be an additional surcharge. Please schedule an equipment consultation meeting with our tech specialist here to discuss your event setup needs!

Please test your terminal as early as possible. We recommend testing at the same venue(s) you plan on using it to ensure it works in the exact environment as your event!

Please know that for some connection issues, you may need access to your router’s DNS settings to troubleshoot! See Terminal connects to internet, but is unable to communicate with Stripe below for more information. When required to access your router’s DNS settings it is often helpful if your organization has access to IT support. If you are renting a venue and are using the venue’s Wifi, it may be worth inquiring in advance if you would be able to access their router’s DNS settings for troubleshooting purposes - if you don’t have access to the router’s DNS settings you may want to consider providing your own secure network or having mobile devices on hand that can be used as a hotspot.

Eventive Terminal Setup

Eventive has two models of Eventive Terminal in circulation, the BBPOS Wise Pos E and the Verifone P400. The BBPOS Wise POS E has a touch screen and is shown in the following image. If your terminal has a push button keypad and does not look like the image below, you have the Verifone P400, click here for information on the Verifone P400.

Watch our Eventive Terminal how-to video featuring the BBPOS WisePOS E!


Image of BBPOS WisePOS E terminal

Before connecting the terminal to the dashboard box office, please ensure that it is well charged. To charge the terminal, connect the Eventive Terminal to power by plugging the power cable into the charging port on the right side of the device (indicated with the lightning bolt symbol). The charging cable ends with a USB-A connection that can be plugged into your computer or to a wall charging brick - this cable is for charging only and is not used for connection or data transfer.

Diagram showing the locations of the charging port and power button on the BBPOS Wise POS E terminal - both are located on the right side of the terminal. The charging port is located near the top and the power button is located half way down the length of the unit.

After the Eventive Terminal is fully charged, hold down the power button on the right hand side until the screen turns on. After the device powers on, press the power button to sleep or wake the device. To fully power off the device, hold down the power button until the power off option is shown on the screen, then select it.

Even when it's not in use, you may choose to leave the Eventive Terminal plugged in and connected to your network to receive automatic software updates.

Connect the Terminal to the internet

Because the BBPOS WisePOS E is a smart reader, its reader software communicates directly with Stripe, managing connectivity through a LAN. The reader must connect to the same secure local network as your point of sale application. If you’re running into issues connecting your reader to the internet follow the troubleshooting steps to diagnose the issue.


When powering on the terminal, if the terminal does not locate a network that it has previously connected to, it will automatically prompt you to select a network and enter the network key in order to connect.

Once connected to a network, if you need to switchnetworks, go to settings, then select WiFi settings to choose the network and connect. Attempting to join a new network disconnects the reader from any existing wireless connection.

Your WiFi network must use WPA-Personal or WPA2-Personal encryption and be password protected. Non-password-protected networks or enterprise networks are not supported. If needed, you can set a static IP on the device from the "Wireless settings" screen.

NOTE: If you're using a MiFi hotspot and having connectivity issues, please ensure that the setting is switched to 5G.


Ethernet connectivity requires the use of an optional dock, which provides wired Ethernet connectivity and keeps your smart reader fully charged using the included charging cable. If you are interested in purchasing a dock for your BBPOS WisePOS E, please reach out to us via chat support.

The Ethernet Dock features a 10/100 Ethernet port and rubber feet for stable countertop use, and is designed for easy docking and undocking using the pins on the back of the reader. The dock has a minimum power requirement of 5V-2A (10W) and includes a charging cable, which you can plug into any USB-A power adapter (not included).

The reader obtains an IP address using DHCP. As soon as the network cable is plugged in, the reader attempts to establish communication with Stripe.

Because the Eventive Terminal is internet-enabled, its reader software communicates directly with Stripe, managing connectivity through a LAN. The reader must connect to the same secure local network as your Eventive dashboard Box Office.

Network priority

The Eventive Terminal prioritizes connecting through Ethernet if possible. Even if previously configured for WiFi, the reader switches to using an Ethernet connection when connected to the dock with a plugged-in Ethernet cable. If the reader is removed from the dock, it switches back to the WiFi connection.

The Eventive Terminal resets its priority to Ethernet when rebooting. Even if previously configured for WiFi, the reader switches to Ethernet if it detects an Ethernet cable connection while starting up.

If the reader is docked but there is no Ethernet cable plugged in, it uses WiFi. Regardless of connectivity while docked, you can still connect to WiFi and manage networks on the device.

Connecting to Eventive Box Office

Once the Eventive Terminal is connected to the same local network as your web Box Office device, you can pair the reader with the Box Office

Select Connect Eventive Terminal from your Eventive Box Office page then enter the last 9 digits of the device serial number - found on the underside of the unit - in the "Pairing Code" box when prompted.

Screenshot of the Eventive dashboard box office. The "Connect Eventive Terminal" button is located in the top right hand corner of the screen.

screenshot of the Eventive Terminal pairing dialog box that opens when "Connect Eventive Terminal is pressed". The pairing code is a 9 digit code comprised of the last 9 digits of the unit's serial number (located on the back of the unit).

Verifone P400

If your Terminal looks like the following image, please click the following linksto refer to the Support and Troubleshooting guide for this device.

Image of the Verifone P400 terminal.


The following troubleshooting steps apply to both the BBPOS WisePOS E and the Verifone P400 unless otherwise noted.

Terminal is unable to connect

To check connectivity, go to settings, then select WiFi settings. This displays all available WiFi networks. To see more details about the connection, tap on the connected network name. To locate the device settings, click the corresponding links for the BBPOS WisePOS E and the Verifone P400.

  • Make sure the terminal and the Eventive dashboard Box Office are connected to the same secure network.

  • The network signal strength is good. If the signal is weak or if the connection is unstable, consider moving the devices closer to the router (or vice versa) or connecting to the router using an ethernet cable. An ethernet cable can be connected directly to the Verifone P400. To connect the BBPOS WisePOS E to a router using an ethernet cable, a dock is required.

  • If the terminal and the Eventive dashboard box office are both connected to the same secure network and the network signal strength is good and the terminal is still not connecting to the box office, a good next step is to try connecting both the terminal and the Eventive dashboard Box Office to a mobile hotspot. If the devices can connect via the mobile hotspot, this would let you know that the connectivity issue may be with your network configuration rather than the hardware. If the connectivity issue has to do with the network rather than the hardware, continue with the next two recommended steps.

  • The device has an IP address assigned.

  • The subnet matches the one that your application is connected to.

Terminal is unable to update

If you suspect that the connectivity issue has to do with the hardware rather than your network connection, the terminal may be missing a firmware update. If your reader doesn’t update, it’s possible that it can’t connect to Stripe. To check its connectivity to Stripe, go to settings, then select Diagnostics. This displays a list of troubleshooting tests. Check Stripe connectivity and ensure it says “Passed.” If the Stripe connectivity test fails, follow these steps.

Terminal connects to internet, but is unable to communicate with Stripe

Stripe Documentation for BBPOS WisePOS E and Verifone P400.

Here are some common reasons why this happens with corresponding troubleshooting steps.

  • Stripe endpoints can’t be accessed:

    • Check your computer’s firewall/deny-list.

  • The network source isn’t connected to the internet:

    • In the case of bridged connections, ensure that the selected source is connected to the internet.

    • In the case of router connections, refer to your router’s documentation to restart the network.

Terminal connects to internet and can communicate with Stripe, but not with your point of sale application

Stripe Documentation for BBPOS WisePOS E and Verifone P400.

Make sure the device running your point of sale application and your reader are able to communicate over the local network (typically this means they’re on the same subnet).

Stripe Terminal requires that both the point of sale application and the reader are able to interact with specific domain names, all of which are allowlisted on your network. Stripe Terminal also requires that your reader be assigned an IP address in one of the private IPv4 address blocks.

Some DNS providers block DNS resolution of local IP addresses. You can check whether DNS resolution is successful by going to settings and selecting Diagnostics, and checking the DNS resolution test results.

Stripe Terminal uses the partially qualified domain name *.[random-string].device.stripe-terminal-local-reader.net, which resolves to the local IP address of your BBPOS WisePOS E. If your DNS provider blocks local IP resolution, change your network settings to use one of the following DNS providers:

The Stripe Terminal software

Stripe Documentation for BBPOS WisePOS E and Verifone P400.

Stripe maintains the software that controls the Eventive Terminal device. The reader receives updates automatically from Stripe when not in use. These can include improvements and required security updates from Stripe and our hardware partners. As reader software updates are made available, update your readers to the latest available version to continue using Stripe Terminal. Failing to install a required update can prevent a reader from accepting payments.

Leave your reader on and connected to power to receive automatic software updates. This ensures that updates happen at midnight to avoid interruption to sales. If you unplug the reader at night, an update could start when you turn it back on. To manually check for an update, reboot the reader.

Watch our Eventive Terminal video featuring the BBPOS WisePOS E!

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