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Track Real-Time Streaming with Streaming Analytics
Track Real-Time Streaming with Streaming Analytics

Follow along with your audience and monitor real-time virtual content streaming with Streaming Analytics.

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Streaming Analytics gives you access to a comprehensive real-time dashboard to monitor your audience's streaming activity. And it's included with Eventive Virtual at no extra charge!

Open Streaming Analytics

  1. Open your event bucket

  2. Click Analytics in the lefthand navigation menu

  3. Click Streaming Analytics

The Streaming Analytics dashboard updates in real time as customers stream films and video content, so there's no need to refresh the page โ€“ you'll always see the latest views at the top of the screen. The aggregate metrics at the top of the page also update in real time.

Screenshot of Streaming Analytics page. At the top of the page the total number of streams that have been watched along with the total amount of time that customers have been watching. Beneath these totals is a list of active viewers that shows the specific film file they are watching, the location they are watching from (including information about their internet service provider, the browser and operating system they are using and their IP address. This report also shows what the progress or percentage of the film the customer has watched.

Streaming Analytics is only available for ingested virtual content played through the Eventive Player. Analytics are not available for external content since it is played through an external player.

Data available on Streaming Analytics:

  • Person: The customer who is watching the virtual screening. Click on their name to go directly to their Eventive Person page, which lists all of their purchases from your organization.

  • Virtual content: The particular media asset being streamed. Note: Pre-roll and post-roll assets are also tracked here.

  • Location: The customer's verified location (using IP address + supplementary geolocation), including city, state, and zip code. We also include the device, operating system, and browser they're using. If you need even more details, click Expand to see their IP address, latitude/longitude, and more.

  • Last seen: When a streaming event was last recorded for this customer.

  • Progress: A real-time progress bar that fills in as the customer watches more of the content. The exact current location of the customer's playhead is also shown below the progress bar. Note: Progress updates every 1% of the way through the media asset, no faster than once every 3 seconds so as not to cause undue network pressure on the user's stream.

The 50 most recent streams are shown in the Streaming Analytics dashboard, but you can export a full record of all streams via Global Reports.

Screenshot of where to locate a downloadable version of the Streaming Analytics Report. To download this report, click on Global Reports in the menu on the left hand side of your dashboard and then under the heading "Misc / Beta" click "generate report" next to "Streaming Analytics Report".

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