Pay-What-You-Can Virtual Tickets

Create sliding scale tickets that allow customers to choose their own price, above a designated minimum.

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If you'd like to allow customers to set their own ticket price, select "Enable pay-what-you-can virtual unlocks" when creating a ticket bucket for your virtual screening:

Set a default price to appear in the checkout window by adding a price in the "Default Price" section of the ticket bucket:

And specify the minimum price they can pay - or leave it $0 - in the ticket bucket settings:

Audience members will be able to drag the slider or type a number to choose their ticket price in the checkout window:

NOTE: Donations at checkout are not available by default with pay-what-you-can virtual tickets. If you need to be able to accept donations in combination with pay what you can virtual tickets, please reach out to Eventive Support via the chat widget in your Eventive Dashboard and we can help set this up for you.

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