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Customizing Your Eventive Site
Custom Domain and Custom Watch Site
Custom Domain and Custom Watch Site

Give your Eventive native ticketing site and virtual catalogs a URL on a web domain that you control.

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Eventive provides the option to "white-label" the URL for your Eventive sites to display an address on your own domain.

There is a different process and price for the event bucket native ticketing site (custom domain) and your virtual catalogs (custom watch site).

Custom Native Site Domain

By default, all event bucket native sites are accessible as subdomains of the main "" domain. Customize your subdomain URL on your event bucket settings page.

Eventive also offers the option to create a custom event bucket domain. In other words, you can make your Eventive native site accessible from your organization's own website.

There is no cost to set up a custom domain, but you will need to have full access to your own website's DNS records to add the required CNAME record.

How to set up a custom native site domain

  1. Click OPEN ADDITIONAL SETTINGS on your event bucket's settings page

  2. Select the "Custom native site domain enabled" checkbox

  3. Enter your custom domain without the http(s)://

  4. Click Save

  5. Contact us via the support chat and let us know you'd like to add the custom subdomain, and our team will reply with specific instructions for you to update CNAME records

The URL must be a subdomain - ie., not

Custom Watch Site

All virtual catalogs and virtual watch pages are accessible as links on But we can help you create a custom watch site hosted on your own domain - for example ""!

All the virtual catalogs across every event bucket within your organization's Eventive account will be included when you create a custom watch site!

In other words, a visitor to would see all of Fun Film Festival's publicly promoted virtual catalogs displayed in one place, with the option to "Select a channel." Each virtual catalog will be linked as a directory (/xxxxx) within the main custom watch site domain.

You can use any text you like for the URL! For example: or

How to set up a custom watch site

To create a custom watch site, please contact us via the chat on your admin site, or send an email to There is a one-time $500 fee to set up your watch site domain for DRM security. It takes us about one week to create the domain.

Once it's been created, we will send you CNAME settings to update with your DNS registrar, and then the domain will be available for all of your Virtual Catalogs!

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