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Geographic Restrictions
Geographic Restrictions

Create geographic restrictions on virtual screenings to control the locations from which your audience can participate.

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When creating a virtual screening, you will choose between the three options listed under Geographic Availability:

  • No geographic restrictions

  • Only allow certain geographic regions

  • Allow all except certain geographic regions

Geographic Availability is also known as geographic restrictions, geoblocking, or geo-fencing.

We use the ISO 3166 country and continent codes to determine regions - click here for the comprehensive dataset.

Geographic restrictions are determined by the postal code connected to the IP address of audience members at the time they are visiting your site. VPNs and Proxy Servers are denied access and users will have to switch them off to access content.

If you leave No geographic restrictions selected (this is the default selection), the virtual screening will be accessible by anyone, located anywhere in the world.

If you select Only allow certain geographic regions, you will add all the regions you wish to allow in the box. You can add as many regions as you'd like.

If you select Allow all except certain geographic regions, you will add all blocked regions in the box. This means that anyone residing in a region other than what you list here can access the virtual screening. You can add as many regions as you'd like.

Geoblocking is per screening, not per film.

Geographic restrictions apply to an entire virtual screening. If there are multiple films in a single virtual screening, the geographic restrictions you establish will apply to ALL films in the screening.

Custom Geographic Restrictions

Geoblock regions include continents, countries, and states/provinces, as well as custom areas that have already been created. If you would like to create your own geographic restrictions for a specific city or region, please email us a spreadsheet file (.CSV or Excel) of all the zip/postal codes you'd like to include in the custom geoblock, and we will create it for you. In general, the larger geographic area you can allow, the better.

Send this file to Please note that we require at least 2 weeks notice to create a custom geoblock for a virtual screening.

Geographic restrictions apply to the purchase of standalone virtual tickets, but not to Pass sales.

For example, if your screening is geoblocked to France, I could not unlock a ticket from the United States. However, I could buy a Pass from the United States -- but if I tried to unlock a ticket using my Pass from the United States, it would not work.

Restrictions are listed on a screening's virtual watch page, but we encourage you to make it very clear that geographic restrictions apply to virtual ticket unlocks, and people should not buy Passes if they live outside the geoblocked region.

We encourage you to add this information to the Pass Sales Section Introduction in the Configurator Passes tab, and the Intro Content box in the Configurator Welcome tab.

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