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Create Virtual Screenings
Create Virtual Screenings

Create VOD and Livestream virtual events with availability windows, geographic restrictions, virtual tickets, and more.

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Follow these directions to create a virtual screening in your Eventive Virtual enabled event bucket!

A virtual screening can consist of a film, multiple films (such as a shorts program), a livestream, or a combination of a film/films plus a livestream!

1. Navigate to Virtual Screenings, then click Create New Virtual Screening.

2. Choose from one of three types of virtual screenings: Video on Demand, Livestream, or VOD + Live.

Video on Demand is a screening of a film or multiple films ("film" meaning any piece of pre-recorded video content).

Livestream is an event without pre-recorded content, and only a livestream, such as a panel or Q&A.

VOD + Live combines the other two screening types into a single virtual screening accessed using a single unlock.

3. If your screening is Video on Demand or VOD + Live, add a film or multiple films (this is how you'd create a shorts program, for instance) to the Films section.

You can do this later if you haven't created films yet, and you can add films to a virtual screening before having uploaded the VOD content.

4. Give your virtual screening a title! The default title will be the name of the film(s) you selected, but you can customize it how you'd like.

5. If your screening is Livestream or VOD + Live, you'll see a box to enter information about your livestream, such as a title and descriptions:

Enter the anticipated livestream start and end times -- this is for scheduling purposes only! Your livestream will not automatically start and/or end at the times you enter here.

Please make sure to thoroughly read through our resources on livestreams, including our Guide to Eventive Native Livestreams.

Other settings you will customize on your virtual screening page:

Availability Window

This is the time period during which customers are allowed to unlock and watch the virtual screening. Click here to learn more about Availability, Unlock, and Watch Windows.

Real-Time Broadcast

If you select "Restrict availability by date" under the Availability Window settings, you will see the option to select "Play VOD content as a single real-time broadcast." Learn more about Real-Time Broadcast here.

Geographic Availability

Also known as geo-blocking, geographic availability allows you to restrict who can buy tickets and watch a virtual screening, based on geographic location. You can choose no geographic restrictions, only allow certain geographic regions, or allow all except certain geographic regions. Learn more here.

Geo-blocking can only apply to a virtual screening, and not to an individual film. If you have multiple films in a virtual screening, the geo-block settings you create for that screening will apply to ALL films in the screening.


Film descriptions automatically populate virtual screenings of their respective films. Add an additional description in addition to the film description to call out elements unique to a particular screening with text and content including links. This is a great place to add sponsor banners and links.

Display Sections

Add a Tag to a virtual screening to add it to a display section in your Virtual Catalog. A single screening can be added to multiple display sections. Learn more about using display sections to customize your virtual catalog.

Still Image

Check the box to show a custom still image instead of the default film still image, which pulls from the first film listed in the Films dropdown menu of the screening. This is another great place for sponsor activation.

Display Ads

Display Ads appear on the right side of the virtual screening page, below the film list. Add one or more images here, and add click-through hyperlinks.


Want to keep your virtual screening hidden until it's ready to be shared? Click "Hidden from Public" under Visibility.

Custom confirmation email message

To add custom text to order confirmation emails for a specific virtual screening, do so by selecting "Add custom message to confirmation email" here! The text you add here will override anything you write in the Virtual Tab of the Configurator.

Passholder and Standalone Tickets

Leave "Use default event bucket setting" checked unless you want to create custom ticket rules for this screening.

Pre-Roll and Post-Roll

Leave "Use default event bucket setting" checked unless you wish to upload pre- and/or post-roll that is specifically for this screening or to disable pre- and/or post-roll for this screening.

Donations at Checkout

Leave "Use default event bucket setting" checked unless you wish to customize this. Learn more about Donations.

Unlock/Watch Interval

Leave "Use default event bucket setting" checked unless you wish to customize this. Learn more about Unlock and Watch Windows.

Miscellaneous Customizations

Make sure you select "Enable virtual balloting for this screening" under Miscellaneous if you wish to add a virtual ballot to this screening!

Ticket Buckets

You must create at least one ticket bucket for your virtual screening, even if tickets are $0! Learn more about creating ticket buckets.

Pass Rules Override

If any rules are added here, all rules configured via pass bucket settings will be ignored for this event. It is uncommon to use the Pass Rules Override. Create Pass Rules in Pass Bucket settings. Learn more about Pass Rules Override here.

Revenue Sharing

Use Eventive Revenue Sharing to automatically share the proceeds from this screening with one or more additional parties. Learn more here.


Optional: Duplicate your screening

If you wish to use a screening as a template for others, you can duplicate it to save yourself some time.

At the top right of the screening page, you'll see a rectangular icon - click it to duplicate the screening!

Watch our Creating Virtual Screenings video!

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