Set Up Ballots

Configure the format and style of your Eventive ballots.

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Use Eventive Balloting to automatically generate and tabulate ballots for your events.

Set Up Ballots

  1. Select your event bucket in the lefthand navigation on your Eventive Dashboard

  2. Click Balloting in the sidebar underneath the event bucket name

  3. Click Set up ballots

Open or Close Voting for Virtual Screenings

If your event bucket has Eventive Virtual enabled, you will see this setting. You will enable virtual balloting on a per-screening basis via the virtual screening editor. Once votes have been tabulated, you can close voting for ALL virtual screenings here.

Online Balloting for Physical Events

Turn on this feature to allow users to vote on films from their "My Tickets" page on your Eventive site. Additional settings fields will appear once this setting is enabled.

This is a great way to safely collect votes and determine audience award winners at physical and hybrid events. You have the option to allow only scanned ticket holders to vote, and set custom ballot and email headers.

Ticket holders will be sent an email to vote starting one hour before the scheduled end of the screening. For ticket holders who purchase within the hour prior to the end of the screening, ballots corresponding to new orders are mailed out at short intervals until the end of the screening. If they've added their phone number to their Eventive account, they'll receive text notifications, with a link to their ballot. They also can access their physical event ballots through their My Tickets page from your Eventive Native Site.

Online balloting for physical events can be toggled off when you are ready for voting to be closed.

Note: Virtual Balloting and Online Balloting for Physical events are opened & closed independently of one another.

You can also configure an online ballot introduction for specific tags that you have used to identify your films, group them by genre or divide them into their respective competition categories. - is a great way to inform audience members about your awards and acknowledge competition sponsors. For more information on creating and using tags, please click here.

In the following example, introductions have been configured for the tags Shorts Competition, Feature Competition and First Time Film Maker. Beneath the custom introductions by tag, you can also configure a default online ballot introduction that will be included with any ballot that doesn't have a tag that corresponds to a custom online ballot introduction.

Ballot Design

Choose one of two ballot design options under Ballot design.

Rank Each Film

Audiences rank each balloted film on a scale of your choice. Enter a comma-separated list of ranking labels, ordered from best to worst, under Ranking labels. The default rank is letter grades -- A / B / C / D / F -- but you can change it to numbers, or anything else.

We encourage you to choose intuitive ranking labels so your audience understands which ballot label means "best." When in doubt, use the Mailings feature to send a message to event attendees to explain your ranking labels!

Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down for Each Film

Select this option if you want your audience to vote by giving each film either a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Mobile / Virtual Settings

Select Use stars instead of rank labels in mobile ballots if you would like your audience to select stars instead of ranking labels when voting on mobile.

Select For mobile/virtual ballots with >3 films, show Pick Your Favorite to enable the option for your audience to pick their favorite film in a virtual screening that contains multiple films. This setting allows your audience to choose their favorite short in a shorts program, for example. This will work as long as there are at least 3 films in the screening.

NOTE: If you enable a Pick Your Favorite ballot, download the Raw Votes record after running a ballot tabulation to see which film has the most "Favorite" votes.

Tabulation Method

Eventive allows you to choose a tabulation method best suited for your event. We recommend using the default Eventive tabulation method. For a detailed explanation of tabulation methods, check out our introduction to tabulation methods.

NOTE: It is not recommended you use two different types of voting methods. However, if using Pick Your Favorite and a scale method, you will need to download the raw votes and manually calculate.

Print Ballot Header

Customize the header graphic on your physical printed ballots to include anything from your event name to a sponsor logo.

Customize the Text on Virtual Ballots

Customize text displayed on ballots for virtual screenings in the Virtual tab of the Configurator.

Testing your Ballots

If you plan on testing your balloting setup, it is best to do your testing in a separate event bucket rather than testing in your live event bucket where your films will be voted on by your audience. I order to test in a seperate event bucket, you can create a new event bucket and copy your balloting setup, or you may choose to duplicate your event bucket.

Next Steps

Now that your ballots have been set up, you can move on using app voting or generating paper ballots. Feel free to mix and match app & paper ballots -- paper ballots are often more convenient for shorts programs or programs with very high attendance, whereas app voting works great for feature film screenings!

Looking for more? Read our Balloting FAQs.

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