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Tabulate Ballot Results
Tabulate Ballot Results

Easily tabulate results after all audience award votes have been cast!

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After all votes have been recorded, it's time to tabulate results!

  1. Click Balloting from the lefthand menu on your Dashboard

  2. Click Tabulate results

To avoid bias, preliminary results are never shown. After a tabulation is run, your user account, location, tabulation method & results, and the current date and time will be permanently logged.

When you're ready to run a tabulation, scroll to the bottom of the page, check that the settings under "Confirm & Run New Tabulation" are as desired, then click Run new tabulation.

Once the tabulation has been run, it will appear as a new row in the "Previously run tabulations" table. Click View results to see the scores of all films included in the tabulation, sorted high-to-low.

When viewing results, you can filter results to a particular Tag, to determine a Feature Audience Award winner and Short Film Audience Award winner, for instance.

Click Download as CSV to export results as a .CSV file.

NOTE: If you set up a Pick Your Favorite ballot, download the Raw Votes record after running a ballot tabulation to see which film has the most "Favorite" votes.

NOTE: It is not recommended you use two different types of voting methods. However, if using Pick Your Favorite and a scale method, you will need to download the raw votes and manually calculate.

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