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Use Tags to organize your events, film guide, schedule, and virtual catalog.

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Create tags and add them to your films, physical events, and virtual screenings to categorize and organize your films and events.

Create a Tag

  1. Select your event bucket from the Eventive Dashboard

  2. Click Tags in the lefthand navigation

  3. Click Create New Tag

Tag Settings

  • Name: The name of a tag is displayed on your Schedule, Film Guide, Event Information page, Virtual Catalog, and Virtual Watch page. Common tag names include Documentary, Narrative, Feature Film, Short Film -- but your options are endless!

  • Color: Customize the color used for the tag. By default, the system will automatically assign a new tag a color you haven't used yet. Use the Color setting to customize it.

  • Virtual Catalog display mode: You will see this setting if this Event Bucket has Eventive Virtual enabled. The display mode options refer to how virtual screenings tagged with this tag will display on your Virtual Catalog page. Read our guide to Displaying Virtual Screenings in the Catalog to learn more about the different display modes.

Add Tags to Films

Add one or more tags to each of your films in order to create a categorized Film Guide!

The tag(s) will appear on the film/event information page:

Tagging films will enable the option to filter films in your Film Guide:

Please note that tags in the Film Guide must be clicked twice - once to turn on the filter, and a second time to turn the filter off. If you click multiple tags without un-clicking, the films that display will be tagged with any/all of the tags that have been selected. You can tell when a tag is selected because the text will be bold and not italicized.

Add Tags to Physical Events

Physical Events are automatically tagged with the tags you add to the film(s) included in the physical event. You may add additional tags to be displayed on the event page and Schedule in the physical event editor.

Add Tags to Virtual Screenings

You must add tags to virtual screenings in order for virtual screenings to display on your Virtual Catalog! Learn more here.

Add tags in the "Display Sections" area on your virtual screening edit page:

The tags you add in Display Sections will create different categories in your Virtual Catalog page.

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