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Customizing Virtual Screenings
Display Virtual Screenings in the Catalog
Display Virtual Screenings in the Catalog

Organize and customize your Virtual Catalog page using Display Sections and Tags.

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Create custom sections on your event's Virtual Catalog page by adding Display Sections to your virtual screenings!

Add Display Sections

Add Display Section tags to your virtual screenings from each virtual screening's edit page.

Don't see any Display Sections to choose from?

Click “Tags” from your Event Bucket dashboard menu, then click “Create New Tag”

Now Showing Section

If none of your virtual screenings have Display Sections added, all visible screenings will be shown in a single auto-generated "Now Showing" section on your Virtual Catalog page.

Once a Display Section tag is added to at least one virtual screening, the Now Showing section will disappear and only screenings assigned to a Display Section will appear on your Virtual Catalog!

Coming Soon Section

Enable the Coming Soon display section on your virtual catalog to build anticipation! Add virtual screenings to the Coming Soon section by selecting "Show in Coming Soon section" on each screening's edit page.

Screenings will only appear in the Coming Soon section until the availability window begins.

Once a screening's availability window begins, it will disappear from the Coming Soon section and will not be visible in the Virtual Catalog unless the screening has at least one Display Section assigned and "Allow customers to pre-order this screening" is selected.

Or, if none of your screenings have Display Sections, they will all appear in the Now Showing section.

The Coming Soon section is always displayed at the bottom of your Virtual Catalog page. Want to remove the Coming Soon section? Uncheck the "Show in Coming Soon section" box on all of your virtual screening edit pages.

REMINDER! A screening listed in the Coming Soon section will disappear from the Coming Soon section once the screening's availability window starts...because once the availability window starts, the screening is no longer "coming soon."

Organizing Display Sections

To organize Display Sections in a particular order, open Eventive Virtual Settings from your Event Bucket settings page. Scroll down to Catalog Settings, then use the Display Section Order menu to add sections and adjust the display order.

If you do this, only screenings tagged with the Display Sections in the Display Section Order menu will appear in your Virtual Catalog.

If you do not add any specific Display Sections to the Display Section Order menu, all virtual screenings tagged with Display Sections will appear in your Virtual Catalog.

If you would like to reorder the films within your display sections, check "Prioritize position of certain screenings within display sections" and then add the screenings to the "Priority screening order field".

Display Modes

Choose how screenings in each Display Section will appear in your Virtual Catalog in the Tags editor.

There are six display modes to choose from:

  • Default (displays the cover image from the film's settings page)

  • Poster (displays the poster from the film's settings page)

  • Big poster with title

  • Full-width large slider with still, title, and description

  • Full-width cover image

  • Default, as grid (no slider)

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