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Duplicate an Event Bucket
Duplicate an Event Bucket

Copy an existing event bucket to duplicate settings, film records, tags, and more.

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Ready for the next edition of your virtual or in-person event? Rather than start from scratch, make a copy of an existing event bucket and then customize it from there!

1. Scroll to the bottom of your Event Bucket settings page and click Duplicate

2. Choose what aspects of this event bucket you'd like to copy to the new event bucket. General event bucket settings and your Native Site design are always copied.

NOTE: The "Films" checkbox in the screenshot above refers to Film records, not virtual film content. If you wish to copy over previously-used virtual content to your new event bucket, open Films in the new event bucket and select Import Films --> Clone From Another Event Bucket. Learn more here.

If you wish to copy just one event or screening into another event bucket, you must duplicate all events in the event bucket - by selecting the "Events/virtual screenings and ticket buckets" checkbox - and then delete the events and screenings you do not want in the new event bucket.

3. Click Duplicate Event Bucket

4. Update the name and choose a new subdomain for your newly created event bucket, then click Save changes

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