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Automatically pay out ticket proceeds and donations to one or multiple screening/event partners using revenue sharing.

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Eventive Revenue Sharing is an easy way for event organizers to seamlessly pay out a percentage of ticket sales and donations to content providers, movie theaters, referral partners, nonprofits, and more!

Set the percentages in the dashboard and payouts to you and your partners are automatically sent every month.

Eventive Revenue Sharing is currently only available for organizations based in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and Australia.

Step 1: Connect Eventive Revenue Sharing

Go to admin.eventive.org/revenue_sharing and follow the steps to connect your bank account or debit card.

Eventive Revenue Sharing is powered by Stripe Express. We'll securely transfer all your earnings directly to a bank account or debit card of your choice on a monthly basis. These payouts are separate from your monthly deposits from ticket, pass, item, and donation sales.

Step 2: Enable Revenue Sharing per screening

After connecting with Revenue Sharing, navigate to the edit page for the screening you wish to enable Revenue Sharing for, and scroll to the bottom until you see:

Select Enable Revenue Sharing for this screening, then the settings will appear.

  • Revenue share recipient: add an email address for the organization you're revenue sharing with

  • Net sales percent: enter a percent if you wish to share a portion (or 100%) of net paid ticket sales for this screening

  • Donations percent: enter a percent if you wish to share a portion (or 100%) of donations for this screening

  • Add another recipient: click this button to add another line so you can allocate a percent of sales and/or donations to another email address

Your organization will be listed on the first line.

Select Allow recipients to view event attendees, sales, and analytics if you wish! When selected, Revenue Sharing recipients will see a "View analytics" option in their Revenue Sharing dashboard. This provides another level of transparency and makes co-hosting events and screenings truly collaborative.

Step 3: Add Revenue Sharing Recipients

Add all recipient email addresses and allocated percents - make sure the numbers in both columns add up to 100% - then click Save Changes in the top right corner.

The revenue sharing recipient(s) will automatically receive an email asking them to accept the invitation to share proceeds from this screening.

The email will come from noreply@eventive.org and the subject will be [ACTION REQUIRED] Participate in revenue sharing for "Screening Title."

All recipients must click "Accept Invite" and set up their accounts before you put tickets on sale.

If a recipient is having trouble finding the invitation email, you can copy a direct link to the invitation - and then send them the link - by clicking this icon next to their email address on the screening's edit page:

Upon clicking "Accept invite," your revenue sharing recipient(s) will be brought to the account set-up page:

If the recipient already has an Eventive Admin account, they can click "Login to an existing account."

Check out our Information for Revenue Share Recipients article and share it with your recipients!


Can I add revenue sharing to a screening that's already available or in pre-sale?

Yes, you can add revenue sharing to a screening at any time. However, ticket sales will be disabled until all pending revenue share recipients have accepted their invitations, so be careful making changes to any screening where sales have already gone live.

When can I add additional revenue sharing recipients to a screening?

You can continuously add additional recipients, but if there are any recipients who have not accepted the invitation, ticket sales become disabled. Tickets will automatically become available for sale once all recipients accept the invite (unless you've locked ticket sales or not selected "allow customers to pre-order").

Does revenue sharing apply to virtual screenings, physical events, and hybrid?

Yes! Revenue sharing can be enabled for all screenings, whether virtual, physical, or hybrid. Please note that revenue sharing must be set up per individual screening. The option to set up one-click revenue sharing for an entire event bucket is not currently an option.

Can revenue sharing apply to pass sales?

Not at this time. Revenue sharing can only be enabled for the sale of standalone tickets.

Are there any additional fees?

Revenue Sharing payouts are subject to a 1% processing fee from Stripe Express. This fee will be automatically deducted from your monthly payout. There are no additional Eventive fees to use Revenue Sharing.

What happens to the ticket and donation fees?

Your organization is still responsible for all transaction and DRM fees (if applicable). Revenue sharing recipients will receive their allocated share of the net ticket proceeds and net donation proceeds, numbers that are determined after all fees have been deducted. This means that you and your partners will share the impact of the fees proportionally.

Learn more about fees on donations here.

What about refunds?

Refunds are divided proportionally among all revenue share participants who were active at the time of the original order, as a balance deduction or account debit.

Can you duplicate a screening that has revenue sharing set up?

Currently, all revenue sharing is removed when a screening/event is duplicated.

Does revenue sharing work for platform-managed accounts?

Yes! For your revenue shared screenings, you will have the opportunity to connect your bank account directly via Stripe Express, so all revenue will flow directly to you once a month.

Does revenue sharing work outside the U.S.?

Revenue sharing is currently available only for organizations and revenue sharing partners based in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and Australia.

We welcome your feedback on Eventive Revenue Sharing as we continue to improve this feature!

Please feel free to send us a message with any additional questions or feedback.

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