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Donation Data, Fees & Reporting
Donation Data, Fees & Reporting

How to collect, navigate, and view your donor & donation data.

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Maximize your development efforts with analytics & other donor data. View and download your donation data and donor contact information to tally donations, analyze and evaluate your fundraising efforts and to create targeted outreach messaging.

Collect Donor Information

Collect Donor Email Addresses

Donor email addresses are automatically collected since Eventive requires a valid email address for account creation and to make a purchase or donation.

To see a list of donors + email addresses, you have multiple options depending on your needs:

1. Use the Item Bucket: Click Item Buckets on your dashboard, then click View next to a donation. You can download a .CSV file that includes Order ID, Donor Name, Donor Email address, Donation Amount, and Date of Donation for a single Event Bucket.

Screenshot of Item Buckets in the Eventive Dashboard to view more specific Donation information, on the line corresponding to the Donations Item Bucket click "View" in the Actions column on the far right of the screen. column

2. Download the Order reconciliation ledger (unified): Generate and download the Order reconciliation ledger (unified) report by going to the Global Reports section of your dashboard and clicking "generate report" next to Order reconciliation ledger (unified) report. For customer information and order numbers, please include Purchaser details and Eventive platform metadata when running this report.

To view Donations only, apply the filter function in your preferred spreadsheet program to the “Category” column on the Order reconciliation ledger (unified) report to isolate the term "Donation".

When running the Order reconciliation ledger (unified) including the Purchaser details and Eventive platform metadata, this view is the most detailed and includes Order ID, Order Date, Order Type, Gross Sale, Net Sale (after fees), Donor Name, Email Address, Event Name, and Postal Code. The Order reconciliation ledger (unified) report includes a lot of information and can be easily filtered to find exactly what you need.

Collect Donor Mailing Addresses

Choose to require mailing addresses for donations in the Donations Tab of the Configurator.

NOTE: Even if enabled, Eventive doesn't collect mailing addresses for donations made within virtual screenings at this time. Selecting "Require mailing address for donations" will only apply to donations made in addition to pass purchases and/or donations made in physical events.

Screenshot from the Donations Tab in the Configurator showing the "Require mailing address for donations" setting. This setting is located near the bottom of the Donations tab in the configurator.

Once collected, the mailing address will be added to the audience member's account. After going to an audience member's account page from within your Dashboard, click "Edit Details," and you'll find their mailing address.

At this time, there is no way to pull a single report that includes all mailing addresses for all donors.

Tip: If you don't need the entire mailing address but would like to see generally in which geographic areas your donors are located, use the All Orders report and check out the postal code data column!​

Fees on Donations

Eventive ticketing fees are waived on donations, but the credit card processing fee is still charged at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. In other words, donations do not incur the entire 5% + $0.99 transaction fee -- rather, the fee on donations and items in USD is 2.9% + $0.30, which is the Stripe portion of the transaction fee.

Find the transaction rates for currencies other than USD here.

Due to the reduced processing rate Eventive allows on donations, there are several points to keep in mind when reviewing associated fees.

  • Standalone donations incur a 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction no matter the amount.

  • Donations added on at checkout for paid orders will incur a credit card processing fee rate of 2.9%, but other items in the online order (tickets, passes, etc.) will incur the full transaction fee percentage of 5% + $0.99 per item. This does not include DRM/unlock fees.

[(add-on donation) x 2.9%] + [(non-donation sale total) x 5%] + $0.99 per item

  • Donations added to a free virtual event ticket will be charged the standalone donation credit card processing rate, and a DRM unlock fee will be collected if applicable. Normally, an unlock fee on a free screening would become a deferred fee to be billed afterward due to the fact that there is no transaction on which to collect this fee. However, once an audience member adds a donation and executes a paid transaction, the system collects the unlock fee automatically. Please see our Guide to Understanding the Financial Process for more information.

Donations grouped by associated event

You can also view donation information through the Donations grouped by associated event report. This will show you all donations made during a specific event. This is useful when allocating donations for bookkeeping purposes or reporting to specific event partners.

This report includes Gross Sales, Net Sales, Fees, and Quantity segmented by Event, but no individual donor information.

Note: that this report is not a ledger based report and allocates fees on donations made with pass, ticket and item orders differently. For the most accurate reporting of donations and the associated fees, please refer to the Order reconciliation ledger (unified).

Please see these additional resources on financial reporting & analyzing your audience:

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