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Customize your Donate page as well as donation options at checkout in the Donations tab.

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The next tab to explore after clicking Launch Configurator from your event bucket settings page is the Donations tab.

If donations are enabled via "Site Features" on your Event Bucket Settings page, the following settings control how your Donate page appears.

Configurations made in the Donations tab affect:

  • Your Eventive Donate page (

  • Donation settings at checkout for pass sales (physical or virtual passes)

  • Donation settings at checkout for physical events

  • Sites using the Eventive Everywhere Donate widget

To customize the donation amounts presented at checkout for virtual events, go to the Virtual tab in the Configurator. Donation settings configured in the Donations tab do not apply to virtual events.

Below you will find detailed descriptions of all the settings you can configure in the Donations tab:

Request donations at checkout: When selected, the option to add a donation to a standalone ticket purchase will appear at checkout for physical events.

When "Request donations at checkout" is selected:

Title for inline donation: The default is "Donation to [Your Event Bucket Name]"

Inline donation message: Shown underneath the "Donation to X Organization" label. The default language is "Please support our organization with an optional donation."

Inline donation levels: Inline donation levels to recommend. Customize the suggested donation amounts shown at checkout. This only applies to physical events.

Three amounts are shown as default, but you can add or remove suggested donation amounts by clicking DELETE LEVEL and/or the white ADD ANOTHER LEVEL button.

Please note that you cannot remove the $0 option or the "Other" option.

Donation page title: The title displayed at the top of your Donate page (

Donation page content: Content to include in the Donate page. This content will appear under the page title and above the donation amount buttons. You can include text, images, and links.

Preset donation levels: Donation levels to offer on your Donate page. Four amounts are shown as default, but you can add or remove suggested donation amounts by clicking DELETE LEVEL and/or the white ADD ANOTHER LEVEL button.

Offer "Other" option for amount: Select this box to add the "Other" button to your Donate page, so your audience can donate a custom amount. Remember, you cannot remove the "Other" button for donations at checkout, but you can remove/add it on your Donate page.

โ€‹When enabled:

When disabled:

Donation success message: Message shown on the website to customers after making a donation. The default language is, "Your donation has been received. Thank you for your support."

Donation email order confirmation message: An additional message that appears in the order confirmation email when a customer makes a donation. You can customize this to include text, graphics, and links.

Mailing address: Select "Require mailing address for donations" if you want to require that your customers provide their mailing addresses when making donations.

Show one-time full-screen donation interstitial: After a customer clicks "Buy" on their first ticket order without adding an inline donation, show a prompt asking them to add a donation. Will only be shown once, the first time a new user buys a standalone ticket.

When "Enable one-time donation interstitial" is selected:

One-time donation interstitial header: The default text is "One more thing..." but you can customize it.

One-time donation interstitial description: The default text is "Please consider adding an optional donation to support our organization (we won't ask again)" but you can customize it.

Attach donation receipt: Select this to attach a separate receipt with donation information for income tax purposes to the donation confirmation email.

Charity info: Charity name, address, registration number, etc. to include on a donation receipt. Applicable only if you select "Attach donation receipt" (see above).

Donation location: City where donation was receipted, for instance, the city where your non-profit is located. Applicable only if you select "Attach donation receipt" (see above).

Signature for donation receipt: Upload an image of a signature to include on your donation receipt if you so choose. Rescaled to 30px nominal height on receipt. Applicable only if you select "Attach donation receipt" (see above).

Threshold to issue a donation receipt: Only issue receipts for donations greater than this amount. Leave as $0.00 if you want a donation receipt to be sent for all donations. Applicable only if you select "Attach donation receipt" (see above).

Canadian donations: Select "Include mandatory CRA info" only if your non-profit organization is based in Canada.

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