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Tips & Tricks: Host a VOD + Live Virtual Screening
Tips & Tricks: Host a VOD + Live Virtual Screening

Make your virtual screening a can't miss event!

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Make your screening a not-to-be-missed event! Host a VOD screening followed by a live Q&A or post-film reception, or make it a Real Time Broadcast for that live watch party feeling!

Step One: Create a new virtual screening and select VOD + Live under "Virtual Screening Type".

Step Two: Select your VOD film and set up your screening availability parameters.

Option A: Set up a VOD + Live with a tight availability window to encourage viewers to watch at a specific time.

This option is the easiest on organizers and patrons. If an audience member unlocks a VOD screening a few minutes after the availability window opens, they won’t miss the beginning of the film. But if the live portion of the event is scheduled to start precisely after the VOD ends based on the minute the availability window opens, audience members who press play a few minutes into the availability window open time will have to choose to leave the film early or join the live event late.

You can learn more about availability, unlock and watch windows here. You can also customize your confirmation emails so your patrons understand the plan!

Option B: Set up a Real Time Broadcast to create that watch party feeling! If you want your audiences to be able to engage in a live chat during the screening, this is the setup you’re looking for!

We recommend reading our Guide to Real-Time Broadcasts, but here are the key points:

  • When you enable Real-Time Broadcasting, the program will begin to play automatically at the scheduled time. Viewers will not be able to rewind or fast-forward. When the last film has finished, the program will end and no longer be accessible to anyone.

  • If an audience member unlocks a Real-Time Broadcast after the scheduled start time, it’s just like arriving late to a physical theater screening -- they will miss the beginning of the film.

  • Your Real-Time Broadcast will include an audience live chat alongside the player window. You will be able to monitor the chat (or disable it) in the Livestream Hub.

Option C: Give your viewers flexibility and maximize your audience with an extended screening availability window!

If you want to give your viewers a week to watch the film, for example, we recommend that you schedule the livestream event toward the end of that weeklong run. Your audience's order confirmation emails will include information about the livestream connected to their VOD screening, and you can use our Mailings feature to send them a reminder!

Check out this help article for more information about availability, unlock and watch windows.

Step Three: Set up your livestream event.

We recommend reading our guide to Livestream modes and the rest of our Livestream help articles, but here are your basic options:

Option A: Use Eventive Native Livestream mode so your audience can participate in a live chat directly from your virtual screening page.

Use an RTMP link to connect your preferred streaming service with Eventive to host your live Q&A. Your audience will be able to ask questions in the chat, which a moderator can monitor using the Livestream Hub. Using Eventive Native Livestream mode is ideal for audience Q&As with filmmakers, cast, crew, and more!

Option B: Send your audience to a Zoom, Google Meet, or other third party meeting service using External Instructions mode.

If you want everyone in your post-show event to see each other’s faces, using External Instructions mode to send your audience to Zoom/Google Meet is your best option. Use this mode to write a custom message - ie. "Go to Zoom and use Meeting ID 12345 to join!" or add a hyperlink to the meeting for easy one-click access - and you can be sure they will get the instructions in their confirmation emails. The instructions will also appear in a pop-up message after the VOD screening ends -- all while keeping the meeting link secure and protecting yourself from Zoom-bombing!

Option C: If your livestream event is happening on YouTube, Facebook Live, or another third party livestream service, use Embedded Player mode to give your audience members the option of staying in one place and watching the livestream on Eventive.

Copy the livestream's embed code into Eventive to add the livestream to your virtual screening. Your audience won’t be able to interact in a live chat, but they won’t have to navigate off of your virtual watch site, either! Read more about this in Livestream Modes.

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