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Eventive for Film Festivals

Find out why Eventive is the industry leader for film festival ticketing and virtual screenings.

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What types of film programming does Eventive support?

Your programming slate is easily manageable using Eventive! Whether you’re screening new releases, repertory content, watch parties, festival screenings, everything in between and all at the same time, you can create an infinite number of programming categories on your Eventive Virtual watch site to deliver a diverse programming slate to new and regular audience members.

How does Eventive work for festivals in both the physical and virtual landscape?

Connecting film lovers to great cinema is the core of what we do as a team, so whether you are screening films in-person only, mixing in-person with virtual, or completely virtual, Eventive gives you the power and toolkit to engage with your audience at any stage in your programming, locally and globally.

For in-person festivals, we offer ticketing, a box office portal, seat mapping, hardware, reporting, and support for your team to ensure your guests get the red carpet treatment as soon as they walk in the door.

In the hybrid landscape with both in-person and virtual cinema, adding a virtual catalog via an Eventive watch site or app can connect your audience to a wider array of programming. Go beyond the limitations of screen count, seat count, and geography, livestream physical or virtual Q&As, host virtual watch parties, and more. All hardware and physical cinema support is available to you should you need it, but if not, you still have full access to reporting, organizer support, audience support, and so much more.

Regardless of whether your event is in the virtual or physical realm, Eventive provides a seamless, well-designed audience-facing experience.

Are organizations required to use Eventive ticketing if we have our own ticketing system?

Organizations are not required to use Eventive ticketing while using the platform. You can connect your current/preferred ticketing system to Eventive using Zapier and/or our open API. Using this method, payments from your audience route through your ticketing system while ours auto-generates an Eventive ticket to your event. Here’s a great overview of the Eventive API.

Can Eventive work with our membership program?

Absolutely! Eventive is great for managing new memberships within the platform or importing legacy memberships from a separate CRM. Grant them exclusive access to programs, offer them a percentage discount on all shows, give them an advance buying period, and more! This FAQ can help you set up your membership program on Eventive.

Can we collect donations through Eventive?

Absolutely! We’ve created a whole collection of help articles to help you collect donations at checkout, during livestream events or in a separate section on your Eventive site. Also, you can use our robust analytics to identify your most engaged viewers -- aka, future donors and volunteers!

Aside from donations, Eventive also offers “Pay What You Can” functionality to inspire additional giving or promote income-based accessibility.

Learn more about Eventive Analytics here.

Some of my programs are grant-funded or co-sponsored with other organizations. How can Eventive help?

Eventive makes it easy to integrate sponsors on all of your screening pages so you can thank everyone helping you put the show on. Display ads on screening pages, pre-roll content and naming audience awards after donors are all great ways to highlight your supporters!

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