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A guide to the various analytics available on the Eventive dashboard.

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Eventive offers deep, constantly-evolving analytics about your audience. All analytics reports can be sorted by key data points to provide you with clear and functional reporting.

Accessing Analytics

  1. Open your event bucket

  2. Click Analytics in the lefthand navigation menu

  3. Click the button corresponding to the analytics you want to explore!

Image illustrates the Analytics section of the dashboard showing buttons foreach report listed in the following order: Attendee Analytics, Event Analytics, Standalone Ticket Analytics, Pass Sales Analytics, Pass Ticket Analytics, Recurring Pass Analytics, Geo Analytics, Streaming Analytics and Sales Analytics.

Attendee Analytics

View real-time attendance analytics based on EVENT, VENUE, TAG, or DATE. Analytics show Scanned versus Total standalone tickets, passes, and Rush Line tickets.

  • EVENT: a single event (physical or virtual) contained within an Event Bucket

  • VENUE: a physical location (only used for physical events)

  • TAG: an identifier used to classify films and events, sometimes coded by genre or subject matter

  • DATE: a day on which one or more events have taken place

  • SCANNED: a ticket that has been scanned, confirming entry into the event (for virtual content, SCANNED means that the user has clicked "Watched Now" and began streaming their content)

  • TOTAL: the total number listed include standalone tickets, tickets reserved using passes, and rush-line tickets that were issued but not scanned

  • UNIQUE: refers to the number of different passes and tickets

Attendance by event (scanned / total)

Click the Download (.CSV) button to export a spreadsheet of your Event Bucket Attendance by Event. This spreadsheet will show you the total number of passes, standalone tickets, and rush-line tickets issued versus the amount scanned broken down by individual Event.

Event Analytics

Event Analytics serves primarily as a marketing and operations planning dashboard with color-coded, sortable displays of orders that has two views - view sales by tickets “Sold/paid/pass/comp” and view ticket sales by “Ticket Bucket”.

In the “Sold/paid/pass/comp” view, you'll find a full breakdown of each individual event contained within the Event Bucket, providing the VENUE, DATE, CAPACITY, SOLD, PAID, PASS, COMP, and PERCENT SOLD of each.

  • CAPACITY: the total amount of tickets available for the event

  • SOLD: standalone tickets sold, including paid and complimentary tickets

  • PAID: purchased tickets

  • PASS: tickets reserved using a pass

  • COMP: complimentary tickets

  • PERCENT SOLD: percentage of SOLD tickets relative to the capacity for the event

In the “Ticket Bucket” view, you’ll see the ticket buckets for each event listed at the top of each column. Each column contains the number of tickets sold and the total seating allocation for that ticket bucket displayed as follows:

[number of tickets sold] / [total quantity]

The Ticket Bucket view is useful for evaluating sales performance for each ticket bucket across your event bucket so that your marketing and box office team can either selectively promote sales targeting a particular event and ticket bucket, or strategically adjust ticket allocations to maximize sales.

Download Event Analytics

Use the Download .CSV and Download PDF buttons to export a spreadsheet or PDF of the full report on tickets versus capacity at each event within the Event Bucket.

Standalone Ticket Analytics

Standalone Ticket Analytics pertain to standalone tickets only and do not reflect analytics on tickets reserved using a pass. This provides a detailed breakdown of all standalone ticket sales by sale type: WEB, BOX OFFICE, and RUSH LINE. There are tables of data broken down by EVENT, VENUE, and TAG.

  • WEB: tickets purchased online from your Eventive site (not the Eventive Box Office)

  • BOX OFFICE: tickets purchased at the venue box office or through the Eventive Box Office

  • RUSH LINE: purchased at the rush line

Standalone ticket sales by event

Use the Download .CSV button to export a spreadsheet of standalone ticket sales by event.

Pass Sales Analytics

Use Pass Sales Analytics to look at sales data related to pass bucket sales. Click the Download (.CSV) button below each breakdown to export the report as a spreadsheet.

Total sales data

Displays the total revenue each pass bucket has generated, as well as breakdowns of the amount of revenue coming from WEB purchases and BOX OFFICE purchases.

Free vs paid breakdown

Displays the number of passes per pass bucket purchased at cost versus issued for free.

Ticket order breakdown

Displays the total and the average number of tickets ordered per pass bucket.

Passes issued by day & Sales volume by day

The Reveal Charts buttons generate line graphs outlining passes issued by day (paid & free) and pass sales by day (paid only).

Pass Ticket Analytics

Pass Ticket Analytics displays tickets ordered by passes (does not include standalone tickets), broken down by Pass Bucket and by Order Type (Web vs. At the Door). Use this to gather data about ticket reservations made by passholders.

Tickets ordered for event by pass bucket

Click the Download (.CSV) button to export a spreadsheet of tickets ordered for each event by each pass bucket.

Recurring Pass Analytics

Recurring Pass Analytics shows the following data for all recurring pass buckets: upcoming renewals/expirations, recent expirations, and new passholders, all in a single dynamic analytics view.

Recurring passes renewing or expiring in the next...

Choose between 14 Days, 30 Days, 60 Days, and 90 Days to generate a list of recurring passes renewing or expiring in a given time. Click the Download (.CSV) button to export a spreadsheet of passes generated.

Expired passes in the past...

Choose between 90 Days, 1 Year, 2 Years, and 3 Years to generate a list of recurring passes that expired within the given time. Click the Download (.CSV) button to export a spreadsheet of passes generated.

New subscriptions in the past...

Choose between 90 Days, 1 Year, 2 Years, and 3 Years to generate a list of new recurring passholders within the given time. Click the Download (.CSV) button to export a spreadsheet of passes generated.

Geo Analytics

Geo Analytics contains a table that shows a breakdown of orders including tickets and passes, and unique customers by postal code.

Web orders by postal code

Click the Download (.CSV) button to export a spreadsheet containing all geo analytics data.

Streaming Analytics

Streaming Analytics is a powerful tool that displays real-time information about what content is being streamed, by whom, where, when, and the progress of that stream. A downloadable report can be generated in the Global Reports section.

Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics displays GROSS SALES, NET SALES, FEES, DEFERRED DEES, QUANTITY, CREDIT (NET), and CASH segmented by PRICE LEVEL or EVENT and filtered by DATE. Displaying by EVENT allows you to create a box office report by screening.

  • GROSS SALES: total amount of sales

  • NET SALES = (gross sales + cash) - (fees + deferred fees)

  • FEES: total amount of transaction fees + DRM unlock fees on paid orders

  • DEFERRED FEES: total number of DRM unlock fees on unpaid orders

  • QUANTITY: total number of sales

  • CREDIT (NET): amount deposited via Stripe minus deferred fees (or net sales + cash sales)

  • CASH: total amount of cash sales

Discount Analytics


Venue Analytics


To learn more about analyzing your financial data, read our Financial Global Reports article.

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