Create Recurring Passes

Use recurrence settings to create memberships and other recurring passes.

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Make a pass recurring so customers can purchase it once and continue to be charged at whatever frequency you specify until cancellation.

Recurring passes are perfect for:

  • Memberships to your organization

  • Monthly subscription-style events

  • And more!

Enable recurrence

  1. Open the pass bucket editor page

  2. Check the box next to Recurrence enabled

  3. Enter the renewal interval. The default is set to renew every 1 year. You can choose between the following time intervals: Day, Week, Month, Year.

  4. Select Enable custom manual renewal price if desired. Passholders manually renewing their pass in advance of its expiration date will be offered the discounted price you list here if enabled.

  5. Double check your renewal interval and pass bucket list price, as these cannot be modified once recurrence is enabled

  6. Click Save

Custom Renewal Messages

Navigate to the Messages tab to create a custom renewal email message!

  • Notify members of new benefits they'll receive upon renewal

  • Periodically update the message to keep users in the loop of what events they'll be able to access with their renewal

  • Remind users how their membership or subscription supports your organization

  • Encourage members to renew early

You can also schedule a secondary early notice email to be sent 14, 21, or 52 days before renewal!

Add Recurrence to Existing Passes

To bulk add recurrence to existing passes, add the Pass Names and email addresses associated with existing passes in the Bulk Import spreadsheet! Learn more here.

Discounts + Recurring Passes

If a customer uses a discount code when making the initial purchase of the recurring pass, it's possible that you do not want that discount code to be used again when the pass renews. Fortunately, you can specify whether a discount code is for one-time use only, or if its benefits should continue to be applied to pass renewals.

For example, a "$10 off your first pass order" discount code should be set for one-time use, whereas a 25% off discount code for seniors would likely be set to apply to both first orders and renewals.

These settings are configured on your Discounts edit pages.

Disabling Recurrence

When you disable recurrence, the pass will remain active until the next renewal date, but it will not renew again.

In the event that you choose to discontinue a recurring pass type, there are a few ways that you can disable recurrence.

Disabling Recurrence across an entire pass bucket

To disable recurrence across an entire pass bucket, open the pass bucket editor page and uncheck the box next to “Recurrence enabled”. Please note, disabling recurrence in the pass bucket only applies to future passes–it does not auto-expire or disable renewal for passes already issued.

There are two methods to disable recurrence for a single pass. You can disable recurrence through the pass section of the customer profile, or you can disable recurrence from the view of the pass bucket.

Disabling Recurrence on a single pass from the Customer Profile

Disabling recurrence from the customer profile can be useful if a customer is looking to discontinue their current membership or subscription.

To disable recurrence from pass table in the customer the customer profile,

In the customer’s pass table, click “manage'' next to pass in the Autorenewal Status column and change the status to Disabled.

The Manage subscription dialog box also gives you the option to “immediately cancel this subscription”. Selecting this option stops all pass functions and benefits immediately, rather than allowing them to continue to the end of the current subscription period.

Disabling Recurrence on a single pass from the Pass Bucket View

In the pass table, click “manage'' next to customer’s pass in the Autorenewal Status column and change the status to Disabled.

Disabling Recurrence on select passes using the Bulk Import function

If you need to disable recurrence on a number of passes within a pass bucket, you can disable recurrence by bulk editing using the bulk import template.

A version of the bulk import template that includes a column for the renewal date can be downloaded by clicking here.

To edit passes using the bulk import template, please be sure that the punctuation and sentence case of the pass name and passholder email address match exactly. When the pass name and passholder email address match, an “EXISTING PASS - EDITING” message will appear in the bulk import preview, which indicates that you're editing an existing pass instead of creating a new one.

To disable the pass renewal, enter a date that has already passed. By entering a date that is in the past, the pass will expire.

For more information on editing recurring passes using the bulk importer, please click here.

Deactivating a Pass

For exceptional troubleshooting situations where it is necessary to suspend a specific customer’s pass or membership without disabling all passes within a particular pass bucket, you might choose to deactivate the pass rather than disabling recurrence. This is useful for discontinuing staff, volunteer, sponsor, filmmaker or general audience pass benefits in response to situations such as misuse, resignation / dismissal or any other situation that could result in the forfeiture of their pass benefits. For more information on deactivating a pass, please click here.

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