Deactivating a Pass

Deactivate a specific pass or passes on an individual per-pass basis, without the need to delete the pass!

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Organizers sometimes encounter special or exceptional troubleshooting situations where it is necessary to turn off or suspend the ability to use a specific pass without disabling all passes within a particular pass bucket. This is useful for managing or discontinuing individual memberships before they expire as well as discontinuing staff, volunteer, sponsor, filmmaker or general audience pass benefits in response to situations such as misuse, resignation / dismissal or any other situation that could result in the forfeiture of their pass benefits.

When deactivated, a pass can no longer be used to place new ticket orders. It also no longer appears in the "Quick order..." menu dropdown when a customer clicks to order tickets or unlock a stream. By deactivating a pass, rather than deleting, the deactivated pass loses ability to function, but all of the analytics related to that pass and its use (pass sales, pass ticket analytics, etc) are preserved.

When a pass is deactivated, physical event tickets and virtual screening admissions that have previously been ordered with the deactivated pass are not affected. If a recurring membership is deactivated, the membership will not renew.

Note: If it is determined that it is inappropriate for the passholder to keep their existing ticket reservations, you may choose to delete tickets as required.

To Deactivate a pass from a customer account

  1. Click “Enter Edit Mode” above the pass table on the customer profile.

  2. Once in Edit Mode, click “deactivate” next to the pass that you need to deactivate.

Once the pass is deactivated, the pass will be displayed with a red label that shows that it is deactivated and the name of the pass will be struck through.

To Deactivate a pass (or multiple passes) from the Pass Bucket View

  1. Click “Enter Edit Mode” at the top left corner of the screen, above the list of passholders.

  2. Click “deactivate” next to the pass or passes that you wish to deactivate.

Once the pass is deactivated, the pass will be displayed with a red label that shows that it is deactivated and the name of the pass will be struck through.

To Reactivate a Pass

To reactivate a pass, enter edit mode in the customer account or in the pass bucket overview and then click “activate” next to the pass you would like to reactivate, this will bring the pass back to life and restore its benefits and functions.

Membership Expiry and Disabling Recurrence

Please note that Memberships deactivate naturally when they expire (when they have no more current or upcoming Event Buckets, Physical Events or Virtual Screenings associated with their pass rules). The ability to disable a pass is for special troubleshooting circumstances and will discontinue a pass or membership’s benefits immediately.

If your membership is a recurring membership and you are looking to stop the renewal of a membership such that it won’t renew at the end of the period of recurrence rather than deactivating the pass, change the Autorenewal Status of the membership by clicking “manage” next to the membership in the pass section of the Customer Profile or the view of the Membership Pass Bucket to disable recurrence for an individual customer. To disable recurrence for all Memberships within a Pass Bucket, uncheck “Recurrence Enabled” in the pass bucket settings.

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