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Customize Pass Bucket Messages
Customize Pass Bucket Messages

Configure the messages your audience sees when ordering and using passes from a pass bucket.

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Use the Messages tab of the pass bucket editor to customize messages related to passes in the pass bucket.

There are three types of Pass Bucket messages:

  • Ordering - messages that appear when an audience member buys a pass from this pass bucket

  • Using - messages that appear when an audience member uses their pass from this pass bucket to unlock a ticket

  • Recurrence - messages you can schedule to send to customers whose passes are recurring

Ordering Messages

Require agreement to a waiver/terms of use before placing order

If selected, a customizable message that customers must acknowledge before purchasing the pass will appear at checkout.

Message displayed at checkout:

Custom confirmation email message

If selected, the custom message written here will be added to the order confirmation email for this pass bucket. If selected, the message added here will override anything written under "Pass order confirmation message" in the Configurator Misc tab.

Where the custom message appears in the order confirmation email:

Enabling a custom confirmation email message is a great way to add a custom message to specific pass buckets -- for example, if you want to include a special message for VIP or Filmmaker Passholders.

NOTE: This confirmation message will not appear on the pass confirmation emails for any passes that have been imported into Eventive using Bulk Import Passes.

Using Messages

Order message

When this pass bucket has a pass rule ticket orders, passholders will see this message in the "Order tickets" dropdown.

The default message is "Quick order {{quantity}} {{tickets}} with pass "{{pass}}" ({{price}})..." but you can customize it.

{{quantity}} = order quantity

{{tickets}} = either "tickets" or "ticket" (quantity-dependent)

{{pass}} = name on pass

{{price}} = adjusted ticket price for pass

Ticket order error message

Customize the message shown to passholders in the "Order tickets" dropdown if the pass is not enabled for ticket orders.

The default message is "{{pass}} cannot be used: Ticket orders are currently disabled for this pass." You can customize the part of the message in bold.

You can enable or disable passholder ticket orders under "Status" in the General tab in the pass bucket settings. Please note that disabling passholder ticket orders means that passholders cannot use their passes to unlock tickets!

Recurrence Messages

Use Recurrence messages on Recurring Pass Buckets to...

  • Notify members of new benefits they'll receive upon renewal

  • Periodically update the message to keep users in the loop of what events they'll be able to access with their renewal

  • Remind users how their membership or subscription supports your organization

  • Encourage members to renew early

You can also schedule a secondary early notice email to be sent 14, 21, or 52 days before renewal!

Watch our Creating Pass Buckets video!

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Remember, the most imperative sections to complete in the Pass Bucket editor are the General Tab and the Pass Rules Tab.

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