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Bulk Import Passes

Quickly create and issue passes to audience members in bulk.

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In addition to selling passes through your Eventive site and Box Office, you can also bulk create and issue passes using Eventive's bulk import tool!

Some example use cases include:

  • Importing passes sold in a legacy system

  • Generating passes for groups such as sponsors or filmmakers

When you bulk import passes, every recipient will receive an email notifying them about their new pass.

If a recipient already has an Eventive account, the pass will be added to their existing account. If a recipient is new to Eventive, a new account will be generated. In either case, every user will receive an email notifying them about their new pass.

How to bulk import passes

  1. Select your event bucket from the lefthand menu, click Pass buckets, and then select Bulk import passes.

2. Select the pass bucket for which you'd like to import passes.

3. Click Download template to download the Eventive bulk import spreadsheet. Do not use your own spreadsheet!

Though if you are bulk importing recurring passes, such as annual membership passes, use this template, which has been modified from the standard Bulk Import Pass template to include a renewal date column.

4. Use this template spreadsheet to add your data for import, ensuring you do not modify the header row in any way. The only required fields are columns A + B: Email Address and Name.

You can import supplementary data by changing columns C, D, E, etc. to reflect the name of each supplementary data field. Supplementary data fields must be created in the Pass Bucket settings before you bulk import passes.

Ensure that each supplementary data field column's name matches the label of the field EXACTLY (match capitalization & spelling, ensure there are no extra spaces, etc.) as configured in the Pass Bucket settings.

5. Once you've filled out and saved the spreadsheet, go back to the Bulk Import page, click the space labeled Drop spreadsheet here, or click to select, and select the completed spreadsheet from your computer.

6. Add a message to the "Additional Note" field if you want to add any custom text to the confirmation email your passholders will receive. This is optional.

7. Click Preview import to see a preview of the passes that will be imported.

8. Review the preview of the import to ensure that all pass data has been detected properly. If anything looks wrong, click Edit settings, make your changes to the spreadsheet, re-upload it, and then click Preview Import again.

9. Once you're satisfied, check the box to affirm that you're ready to import the passes and then click "Start import".

10. Your passes will be imported & confirmation emails will be sent to all recipients!

Issue multiple passes to a single account

If the same email address is listed for multiple passes in the uploaded spreadsheet, all of those passes will automatically be issued & linked to the same account. The customer will receive a single email that includes all of their passes.

Bulk import recurring passes

If bulk importing recurring passes, such as annual membership passes, make sure to use this template, which has been modified from the standard Bulk Import Pass template to include a renewal date column.

How to edit existing passes in bulk

Bulk import passes as you normally would, and if the pass name and passholder email address match exactly, an “EXISTING PASS - EDITING” message will appear in the bulk import preview, which indicates that you're editing an existing pass instead of creating a new one!

If you wish to bulk edit passes without notifying passholders, be sure to select the “Do not send emails” option.

Bulk editing passes is a great option if you initially imported your members as one-off passes and want to convert the pass bucket into a recurring pass, to add additional supplementary data, or to mass edit renewal dates on recurring passes!

Did you know you can re-send confirmation emails from a bulk import?

You can re-send all bulk import confirmation emails or individual ones by going to the Order page for a bulk import, clicking "Resend activation email" and then you'll see options to send to specific people or all:

This page can also be navigated to on a user profile by clicking on the chain link icon next to Order Date of their pass:

Quick troubleshooting tips

  • Have you made sure the header rows are not modified from the original template?

  • Have you made sure your spreadsheet does not contain any empty rows / blank lines?

  • Need more help? Send us a message (and include the spreadsheet as an attachment) and we'll be happy to help!

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