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Create Discount Codes
Create Discount Codes

Learn how to create & manage discount codes.

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Create unique targeted discount codes that customers can apply to orders at checkout, and your organization can apply to orders placed via the Eventive Box Office.

Create a Discount Code

  1. Click Discounts from the lefthand menu

  2. Click Create New Discount

  3. Enter a name for the discount, which will be displayed to customers as "Discount [Discount Name Here] applied" when used.

  4. Either create a custom code yourself, or click "Generate a New Random Code" if you'd like Eventive to generate a random string of letters and numbers for you. This code is what your customers and staff will use to apply this discount to an order.

  5. Click "Switch to multicode" if you wish to quickly create a specific number of discount codes. This is the easiest way to create a large quantity of unique discount codes with the same discount settings.

    Learn more about issuing bulk discounts.

  6. Leave Active (Allow customers to use) selected -- otherwise no one will be able to use this discount code! If a discount code isn't working, this setting being unselected is often the culprit!

  7. If you would like to specify a time and date for when your promotion will end, select “Include an expiration date for this discount”. This setting is not required, but it is a nice option to automate the end of a promotion.

  8. Add at least one Target and Result. A discount requires a Target and Result in order for the Discount Code to work!

Discount Code Targets

These are rules to specify which types of orders this discount code will work on.

Make this discount code apply to All Orders, All Ticket Orders, All Pass Orders, or All Item Orders by selecting the applicable box:

Items to apply to

For more specific targeting, select any specific events, passes, and/or items that the discount should apply to.

Items to exclude

Use this option to specify any events, passes, and/or items that this discount code should NOT apply to.

For example, if you want your discount code to apply to all ticket orders except your Gala screening, select "Apply to all ticket orders," then add the Gala screening under "Items to exclude."

Discount Code Results

In order for a discount code to provide users with a discount, you must specify something under Result!

There are a number of options for your discount code result:

  • Percent off order: Specify a percent off (ie. 50% off) discount, which will apply to the total price of an order

  • Dollars off order: Specify a dollar amount (ie. $5 off) discount, which will apply to the total price of an order

  • Set price per item: Specify a fixed price, then whatever items are targeted by this discount code will cost exactly the price you set here

  • Dollars off per item: Specify a dollar amount (ie. $5 off) discount, which will apply to the price of a single item in an order

An order refers to a purchase, which may contain multiple items -- for example, an order may include one pass, five tickets, and two t-shirts. An item refers to a single thing, such as a pass or a ticket or a t-shirt.


By default, discount codes can be used an unlimited number of times. Use the "Restrictions" section to change this.

Total number of orders (globally)

Restrict the total number of orders for which this discount can be used across the entire event bucket. An order can contain an unlimited number of items (ie. 1 order of 1,000 passes would still just be 1 order).

Total number of items (globally)

Restrict the total number of items this discount can be applied to. For example, if you want to create a discount code that allows a maximum of 10 free tickets, set the "Total number of items (globally)" field to 10.

The "Total number of items (globally)" count accumulates across multiple orders and multiple users. Amy can use the discount code on Monday to redeem 3 free tickets, Mark can use the code on Tuesday to redeem 7 free tickets, and then the code will not work again, as the 10 total items limit has been reached across all users.

Total number of items per person

Restrict the total number of items this discount can be used for on a per-person basis. For example, if you want to offer a "$5 off your first order" discount, you would set the "Total number of items per person" to 1.

Remember, people can always create new accounts with new email addresses. If you're concerned about this, you may want to create a multicode discount instead, and issue unique codes to each person.

Total number of tickets per event per person

Restrict the total number of tickets per event this discount can be used for on a per-person basis. We often see organizations put the number 1 in this space in order to stop customers from buying a huge number of discounted tickets to a single event or screening.

Duration to apply discount

This applies to recurring pass orders only.

Recurring pass orders are repeated at whatever recurrence interval you specify. If a discount is used in the initial order, you can specify if it should be one-time only ("once"), or if its effects should continue to be applied to renewals ("forever").

For example, a "$10 off your first pass order" should be set to "once," whereas a 25% off senior discount would likely be set to "forever."

Advanced Option

Show a custom message on tickets purchased with discount

Select this in order to write a custom message to be added to orders placed using this discount code. This is a great place to give thanks to sponsors, affiliates, or groups. The message will display on PDF and printed tickets.

Looking to track discount code use?

Go to Discounts, then click View next to an individual discount code. From there, you can see all the orders placed using that code!

Click Download (.CSV) to download a spreadsheet file of all orders placed using that discount code.

Discount codes are a great tool to track sales or transactions. While they are primarily used to provide discounted or free tickets/passes to a customer, you can also use them to unlock sales, which would then yield reports you can use for tracking.

Learn more about using discount codes for tracking here.

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