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Issue Bulk Discounts
Issue Bulk Discounts

Quickly generate large numbers of unique discount codes using our multicode function.

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Use our multicode function to quickly create bulk discounts, which are made up of many unique discount codes with the same discount settings.

Create a Multicode Discount Code

  1. Click Discounts from the lefthand menu

  2. Click Create New Discount, or to convert an existing code to multicode, click Edit next to that discount code

  3. Enter a Discount Name, which will be displayed to customers as "Discount <discount name here> applied" when used

  4. Click Switch to multicode

  5. Enter codes manually (separate each code with a new line), or generate them in bulk by clicking Generate random codes and enter a quantity in the pop-up window

6. Finish editing the rest of the discount code settings - be sure to read our Discount Code guide - then share each unique discount code with your recipients!

Per-Code Restrictions

Since this is a multicode discount, you can add restrictions on a per-code basis using the "Per-code restrictions" section.

Add a number under "Total number of items per code" to easily restrict the number of items (individual tickets or passes) that a unique code can be used for. For example, if this discount gives 50% off all tickets, but you don't want customers to use their discount code for more than 10 tickets, put the number 10 in this space.

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