Deferred fees are DRM unlock fees incurred on free virtual ticket orders, including tickets unlocked using a pass.

DRM unlock fees are incurred upon the purchase of virtual screening tickets, provided the virtual screening consists of DRM-protected ingested film content.

If a ticket to a virtual screening is unlocked by a passholder or is otherwise complimentary (for instance, purchased using a 100% off discount code, or from a ticket bucket priced at $0), the DRM unlock fee is reported as a deferred fee, since there was no paid transaction to collect the DRM unlock fee on.

Deferred fees are reported on your monthly invoice.

Unlock fees from free or passholder tickets are credited back to your organization on tickets that were never used before the unlock window closed.
´╗┐After your event, all free tickets that were never used to watch a virtual screening will show up on your invoice as Unlock Fee Rebates, which are credits for any deferred fees for tickets that were not used before the unlock window closed.

Please note that invoices are generally issued on the first of the month.

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