Sell Rush Line Tickets

Use Rush Pay or Rush Pass mode on Eventive Scanner or the Eventive Scanner App to issue last minute tickets at the door.

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A common use of Rush Pay and Rush Pass mode is to issue last minute tickets to audience members hoping to attend a sold out in-person event.

For most physical events we’ve noticed that approximately 85% of all paid tickets (standalone tickets or tickets redeemed from passes that were paid for) will be scanned… that means that 15% of all paid ticket holders often don’t show up. This leaves you with empty seats that could be resold or reissued in order to fill your events, satisfy more customers and maximize your revenue.

Overselling your Venue Capacity

Rush Pay and Rush Pass mode allow you to sell any remaining tickets in your ticket buckets, and it will also allow you to oversell the capacity of your event without the need to cancel any existing ticket reservations and without needing to add additional seats to your ticket buckets… Rush Pay and Rush Pass mode can automatically issue as many tickets as you need.

The best practice with Rush Pay and Rush Pass mode is to seat all ticket holders first, count the empty seats and then process the amount of Rush Pay and Russ Pass orders that correspond to the empty seats.

Note: Having a ticket policy that clearly explains to your customers that advance ticket reservations guarantee their entry up until a certain time before the film (ie. five or ten minutes before the start of the film) and explains that rush sales will begin at that point is helpful to resolve any issues that may arise if an advance ticket holder arrives late, after rush tickets have been issued.

Configuring your event to Enable Rush Line Orders

First, open Additional Settings on your Event Bucket Settings page, and select "Enable Rush Line ticket sales & pass scanning."

Default vs. Custom Rush Line price

By default, fees on Rush Line tickets are automatically absorbed by your organization and Rush Line tickets are the same as the ticket bucket price.

However, you can set a custom Rush Line ticket price that will apply to all events in your event bucket under "Open Additional Settings" on your Event Bucket settings page:

You can also set a custom Rush Line price per-event in each event's edit page that will override the default or event bucket setting.

Sell Rush Line Tickets

In addition to scanning tickets using the Eventive Scanner and Eventive Scanner App for iOS and Android devices, you can also sell tickets at the door by switching to Rush Pay Mode.

After selecting an event, tap the credit card icon in the upper right corner to toggle modes. then tap the “Rush Pay” credit card icon at the bottom of the screen to switch to Rush Pay Mode.

Once in Rush Pay Mode, select the quantity of tickets you want to sell and the ticket bucket you would like them issued from, then tap or swipe the customer’s payment as required by the connected reader or terminal! If you don’t have a reader connected, you can manually type in a credit card number. The customer card will be charged and a confirmation message will be shown on screen. When the order is completed, there will also be an option to add an email address to receive an email receipt. Adding an email address will also connect the rush ticket to the customer’s account.

For more detailed instructions on connecting an Eventive Reader or Eventive Terminal and processing payment in Rush Pay Mode that are specific to the type of scanner that you are using, please visit our articles on How to Use Eventive Scanner and the Eventive Scanner Mobile App.

Issue Rush Line Tickets to Passholders

If you require passholders to reserve tickets, you can use Rush Line Pass Mode to issue rush tickets to passholders.

To put the scanner into Rush Line Pass Mode, click “Rush Pass” in the bottom right corner of the screen.

When in Rush Line Mode, scan each pass and a ticket will instantly be issued and marked as scanned! If you need passholder tickets to come out of a particular ticket allocation, there is an option to change the ticket bucket before scanning a pass.

If passholder tickets to the event are not free (for example, if passholders just receive a partial discount), their saved credit card will automatically be charged.

Note: If a pass has a rule where the restriction "Only allow Rush Line ticket orders" is enabled, the pass will only scan (in situations correlated with this pass rule restriction) when the scanner is in rush line mode - if scanned outside of rush line mode, the scanner will display an error indicating that the pass is limited to rush line only.

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