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Eventive Scanner Mobile App
Eventive Scanner Mobile App

Use the Eventive Scanner mobile app to scan and issue tickets via your Android or iOS devices.

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We recommend our Eventive Scanners for a far superior & streamlined scan and payment experience, though you can also download the free Eventive Scanner app on any iOS or Android device to scan tickets using your device's built-in camera.

Install the Eventive Scanner App

  1. For iOS devices, download the Eventive Scanner from the App Store onto your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. For Android devices, download the Eventive Scanner from the Google Play Store.

  2. Open the app and authenticate the scanner by scanning the QR code accessible via Scanner setup in your Eventive dashboard. You can find this QR in your dashboard by scrolling down towards the bottom of the menu on the left side of the dashboard to the “Global” section, click “More, and then click “Scanner setup”.

  3. Once you have scanned the authentication QR Code, select your current event bucket from the list of events buckets that appears on the scanner, then you're ready to start scanning tickets using your iOS or Android device!

Scanning Tickets and Passes with the Scanner App

The Eventive Scanner App uses your device’s built in camera to scan QR codes. To scan a ticket, hover the camera over the QR code until the QR is centered in the green square of the preview window. Adjust the distance between the device and the QR (nearer or farther) until the QR code comes into focus. Once in focus, the camera will automatically scan the QR code.

When a QR code is successfully scanned, the screen will momentarily turn green and display a success message.

If the camera is hovering over the same QR code for an extended period of time, it will continue to attempt to scan every three seconds.

If a scan is unsuccessful, the screen will turn red and display an error message. The error message will remain on the screen until you click dismiss.

Scanner Tips

  • The optimal distance from the QR code varies according to the size of the code being scanned. Hold the device at a distance that allows the QR to fill the green square on the preview screen and perpendicular (at a 90 degree angle) to the ticket.

  • Two higher-pitched chirps indicate a successful scan, whereas lower-pitched chirps indicate an error. A detailed error message will appear on the device screen if applicable.

  • Ensure patrons have their brightness up and for best QR reading.

  • Use the search bar at the top of the event bucket screen to locate events.

  • Filter by venue if you are working with multiple locations and want a simplified view.

  • If your network or data connection is poor, you may need to refresh the data that is cached in the scanner every so often. To force the scanner data to refresh, click the refresh icon that is located within the desired screening in order to update the ticketing information for that screening. If your connectivity is particularly poor, you may need to move closer to your router or move to a place where your cellular network has a better connection in order to refresh.

Connecting an Eventive Reader or Terminal

Rush tickets can be sold using the Eventive Scanner app and Eventive readers or terminals can be used to collect payments using credit cards, debit cards and a variety of other payment methods (ie. Interac, Apple Pay, Google Pay).

To connect an Eventive Reader or Terminal, click on an screening in the event list click the credit card icon in the top right corner of the screen.

On the next screen, click “Switch reader type” to select the reader type that you would like to connect.

On the following screen, you will have two options, to connect via Internet to a or to connect via Bluetooth.

Connect via Internet will allow you to connect a BBPOS WisePad E terminal or a Stripe S700 Terminal (coming soon). Connect via bluetooth will allow you to connect a Stripe M2 reader, a BBPOS Chipper 2x reader, or a BBPOS WisePad 3 reader. See the image below to identify what equipment you are looking to connect.

Once the reader is connected, select the desired quantity of tickets and click “Place card order”, then prompt the customer to tap or swipe as required by the type of terminal or reader that is connected to the scanner.

Sell Rush Line Tickets

You can use Eventive Scanner to sell rush tickets or issue rush line tickets to passholders at the door by switching to Rush Line Mode. In addition to issuing any unsold seats, rush line mode will allow you to oversell the venue in the event that some of your ticket holders fail to show up. For more detailed information on configuring and using Rush Line mode to oversell your ticket allocations to fill your empty seats, please click here.

Select an event, then tap the “Rush Pay” credit card icon at the bottom of the screen to switch to Rush Line Mode.

Once in Rush Pay Mode, select the quantity of tickets you want to sell and the ticket bucket you would like them issued from, then tap or swipe the customer’s payment as required by the connected reader or terminal! If you don’t have a reader connected, you can manually type in a credit card number. The customer card will be charged and a confirmation message will be shown on screen. When the order is completed, there will also be an option to add an email address to receive an email receipt. Adding an email address will also connect the rush ticket to the customer’s account.

Issue Rush Tickets to Passholders

If you require passholders to reserve tickets, you can use Rush Line Pass Mode to issue rush tickets to passholders.

To put the scanner into Rush Line Pass Mode, click “Rush Pass” in the bottom right corner of the screen.

When in Rush Line Mode, scan each pass and a ticket will instantly be issued and marked as scanned! If you need passholder tickets to come out of a particular ticket allocation, there is an option to change the ticket bucket before scanning a pass.

If passholder tickets to the event are not free (for example, if passholders just receive a partial discount), their saved credit card will automatically be charged.

Note: If a pass has a rule where the restriction "Only allow Rush Line ticket orders" is enabled, the pass will only scan (in situations correlated with this pass rule restriction) when the scanner is in rush line mode - if scanned outside of rushline mode, the scanner will display an error indicating that the pass is limited to rush line only.

Learn more about Eventive Scanner.

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