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Audio Specifications for Eventive Virtual
Audio Specifications for Eventive Virtual

Learn how to prepare the audio for an asset that is screening on Eventive Virtual.

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Eventive Virtual supports a variety of audio formats in uploaded source content.

By default, we will extract the first available audio stream from your source content and deliver this to viewers.

If you have descriptive audio available for your asset, you can include it as an additional track in order to deliver a more accessible experience to your audience!

If a film has an audio description track, you must upload it at the same time as film upload. You cannot add audio description tracks after the film has been uploaded.

Audio Channel Specification

We recommended 2-Channel Stereo AAC encoded audio at a 48kHz sample rate.

  • Channel 1 - Left

  • Channel 2 - Right

Available Audio Layouts

When uploading a new asset, you will have the opportunity to select the Audio Layout for the encoder to use when transcoding and mixing your content.


The default audio layout supports a single track consisting of stereo audio.

  • Track 0 = Stereo

Default + Audio Description

If possible, we highly recommended uploading an Audio Description track alongside your primary audio track. If this option is selected, the first audio track in your source content must be the default stereo audio mix, and the second track must consist of the alternative Audio Description track (which is a mix of both the added descriptive language as well as default audio).

  • Track 0 = Stereo

  • Track 1 = Audio Description (Stereo or Mono)

The audio track must be part of the .mp4 or .mov upload, not a separate file. Verify that your audio is prepared properly before uploading by previewing the .mov, .mp4, or .mkv file (e.g. in QuickTime Player) and ensuring that you see:

exactly 2 audio track options available βœ…

that the first option plays the default mix βœ…

and that the second option plays the Audio Description mix βœ…

Sample Quicktime and Handbrake screenshots:

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