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Audience Guide: The Eventive Site
Audience Guide: The Eventive Site

Tips and tricks for navigating an organization's site hosted on Eventive!

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Eventive makes it easy to buy tickets and passes, explore a schedule of events, peruse a festival or theater's film guide, and much more!

The Eventive Site

You may see that the organization hosting the event you're attending is using a site hosted on The URL is likely [eventname]

Below are some examples of different organizations' Eventive site landing pages:

As you can see, every organization's Eventive site will look different, though there are a few common elements to look for, including the Schedule page, Film Guide page, and Passes page!

The Schedule Page

If you see a button on an organization's Eventive site labeled Schedule, click it! It will take you to that event's Schedule page, where you can view and buy tickets for film screenings, parties, panels, and more!

The Schedule will always include each event title, date, and time. You may also see:

  • Tags indicating Venues, Event Types, and more! Click on a tag to filter the Schedule to only show events with that tag.

  • The option to Star an event, which then adds it to your list of Starred Events. Use Stars to make a list of your can't miss events!

  • Order Tickets button, which may say something else, like "RSVP" or "Learn More." Clicking this button will likely open a checkout window:

Learn more about creating an account and buying tickets here.

Below is an example of a film festival's schedule page:

The Film Guide Page

If you see a button on an organization's Eventive site labeled Film Guide, click it! It will take you to that event's Film Guide page, where you can read about and buy tickets to film screenings!

You will see a list of films, often displayed as movie posters, like the example below. Use the search bar to search for a specific film, or click on Tags under the search bar to filter films based on Tags, like Documentary or Short Film.

Click on a film title or poster to go to a film's information page! The film information page may include:

  • Tags assigned to that film, such as Documentary or Short Film

  • Film synopsis

  • The option to Star the film and add it to your Starred Films list

  • Select a Showing button to buy tickets

  • Details including Year, Runtime, Language, Premiere Status, and Credits

The Passes Page

If an event has Passes or Badges available for sale, you will see the option to buy a Pass directly from the organization's Eventive site!

Look out for buttons labeled Buy Passes or Learn More & Buy!

Once you click Buy Passes, you'll be brought to the Buy Passes page, where you can learn more about the available Pass types for sale, and choose the one you wish to purchase!

Click the Buy button, and a checkout window will appear. Learn more about creating an account and buying a Pass here.

Now that you're acquainted with the Eventive site, read our Guides to Ordering Tickets and Passes for In-Person Events!

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